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Lavender Farm Belleville Michigan

Lavender Farm Near Belleville Michigan

Lavender Lane is a Lavender farm near Belleville Michigan. We are a premier grower of lavender plants, distiller of lavender essential oils, and creators of handcrafted lavender products in Michigan.

Lavender Lane is a family-owned lavender farm, and our farm and gift shop opens the first week of May. Our lavender store, Lavender Lane on Main, which offers great handcrafted lavender products, is open year-round.

Organic Lavender Farm Near Belleville

Lavender Lane is an organic lavender farm in Michigan. We provide the public with exceptional “U-Cut” lavender, dried lavender, and self-care products produced on our lavender farm near Belleville.

We accept and schedule professional photography sessions during the month of July and host our annual “Lavender Harvest Festival” every year, on the Saturday after the 4th of July.

Organic Lavender Farm Near Belleville

Looking for Lavender Farms Near Belleville?

We know you will love our lavender farm and our lavender products made in Michigan. What are some of the great benefits of using lavender products? Lavender is not just an aromatic and pretty plant. It is commonly used for healing and restorative purposes.

Lavender CBD Cream

Get The Best Lavender & Products

Get The Best Lavender & Products

So, if you’re having some medical problems, and you don’t want to use prescription medicines, lavender may help with certain issues such as the following.

Lavender & Lavender Products May Help:

  • Lowering Of Heart Rate
  • Asthma Symptom Relief
  • Reduction In Menopausal Symptoms
  • Reduce Fungal Growth
  • Improve Hair Growth
  • Improve Your Sleep
  • Reduce Skin Blemishes
  • Relief Of Pain
  • Blood Pressure Reduction

We would like to thank all of you that came out to support us during this Lavender season and making it so special! We loved seeing all of you at our festival and at our lavender farm’s gift shop near. There is something magical about the feel of the farm shop and we are so grateful for allowing us to be a part of your world.

The families that come out together, the laughter, the deep conversation, and the amazing photo sessions we get to witness is truly something special. We are honored that we get to experience all of that with you! Take some time and come visit the best Lavender farm in Michigan. We know you will love it!

We hope to see you in spring at our lavender farm near Belleville, and year-round at our lavender store, Lavender Lane on Main. If driving distance is an issue, you will find our products available to purchase on this website.

We are truly blessed to have our Lavender Lane family grow each year. We promise to keep you updated on what’s new with Lavender Lane, your local lavender farm near Belleville Michigan.

Lavender Farm Belleville Michigan

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