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Our Passion Is Lavender

Hi! We are Joe & Courtney,
a husband-wife duo who decided the simple life just wasn’t enough. So, we complicated it by raising a family, starting a new small business, and growing acres of vibrant lavender! In hindsight, we admit we were crazy to do so…and much of our beginning years were spent wondering if we were in over our heads. 6 years later, we are without a doubt WAY in over our heads… but we love what we do, especially connecting with people. As for the rest of the craziness a farming life entails? We’ve come to prefer this lifestyle 😉

We started Lavender Lane in 2016 with one specific purpose in mind: To provide life-enhancing products and experiences through our love for lavender. Today, more than 10,000 lavender plants in various shades of purple, white, and pink are cultivated on our farm. We handcraft more than 80 products from the lavender we grow, harvest, and distill, such as shampoos, soaps, lotions, and numerous home necessities. Our natural skin care products are made in small batches, both on our farm and at our new storefront in downtown Milan, Michigan. As we continue to grow, our products serve as a reflection of our values: enhancing life, quality, and imagination.

To provide the proper lavender experience, we began hosting an annual onsite event called the “Lavender Harvest Festival”. This event, which takes place the Saturday following each 4th of July, marks the beginning of our U-PICK lavender season. Peak bloom on our charming farm is the entire month of July.
To keep up with the craziness, we have been expanding our family and farm simultaneously. We’ve been blessed with three happy and healthy children: two boys who demand plenty of wrestling time, and a precious baby girl who has more hairbows than we can count. Balancing our farm and family time is a delicate yet rewarding practice, and we wouldn’t change it for anything!
We are thankful for your interest in our farm and invite you to journey along with us into the endless world of lavender!

- Joe & Courtney

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