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  • Organic All-Purpose Cleaner (Lavender Hydrosol)

    Organic All-Purpose Cleaner (Lavender Hydrosol)

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    Organic All-Purpose Cleaner (Lavender Hydrosol)

    Organic All-Purpose Cleaner (Lavender Hydrosol)


    15 Incredible uses in 1 bottle:

    1. Disinfectant and cleaner of all hard surfaces
    2. Streak-free window, mirror & glass cleaner
    3. Mildew preventative for showers & curtains
    4. No residue cleaner of fine jewelry and digital screens
    5. Removes water spots and finger prints from stainless steel
    6. Discourages fruit flies and ants around counters and sinks
    7. Natural solvent for removal of oily substances from kitchen
    8. Effective room mist for aromatherapy
    9. Rinses, cleans, and promotes rapid healing of skin abrasions.
    10. Soothes skin suffering from sun/wind burn, eczema, dryness
    11. Particularly useful in healing and preventing diaper rashes.
    12. Calming for irritable infants when used as a room or car spray.
    13. Safe as a pet spray, discouraging them from itching hot spots.
    14. Superior replacement for/addition to distilled water for ironing
    15. Extraordinarily effective plant spray, helping rid them of pests.

    (it also leaves an amazing, lingering scent of lavender)

    2 reviews for Organic All-Purpose Cleaner (Lavender Hydrosol)

    1. Tiffany D.

      First time using this and it’s wonderful! So many uses and smells great. So far I’ve used it for cleaning on my counters tops, cabinets, in the bathrooms, washed my fruits and veggies.

    2. Jeanne L.

      Great cleaner . I’ve been using it all over the house and have had great results.

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  • Hand + Body Lotion Lavender Products

    Hand + Body Lotion

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    Hand + Body Lotion Lavender Products

    Hand + Body Lotion


    This 100% all-natural lotion was crafted to outlast and perform! Infused with organic sunflower seed oil, this creamy and non-greasy lotion contains moisturizing goat’s milk, shea butter, and grapeseed oil to repair your skin while sealing the moisture inside.

    No GMOs, paraben free, phthalate free, sulfate free, petrolatum free!

    35 reviews for Hand + Body Lotion

    1. Estera

      This is by far the best lotion i have ever used! The results are amazing! It does such a good job at keeping my skin hydrated. I always keep one in my kitchen, one in my bathroom, one in my bedroom, & one in my car. Highly recommend!

    2. RtPunkyGirl14

      Love this stuff! Awesome! <3

    3. Mary M. (verified owner)

      Great lotion, great smell and superb customer service.

    4. Jasmine

      Crazy good lotion! <3

    5. Melanie M. (verified owner)

      Perfect, as always!!

    6. Melanie M.

      Perfect, as always!!

    7. Jena H. (verified owner)

      Wonderfully fragrant (but not too much) and creamy lotion. Rubs in nicely.

    8. Alejandro G. (verified owner)

      This is my new favorite cream.
      It smells amazing and feels great when applied. And of course with the assurance that the ingredients are all natural and great for you.
      Extremely satisfied.
      Thank you for developing this amazing product!

    9. Anne K. (verified owner)

      I love the bright, refreshing smell of lemongrass and lavender. I keep a bottle at home and a bottle at work for a quick aromatherapy pickup. The lotion is creamy and soothing. Great product!

    10. Barb K. (verified owner)

      The body lotion is one of my favorites. Doesn’t feel greasy, feels amazing on your skin, and the smell is wonderful.

    11. Margret B. (verified owner)

      Awesome smell

    12. Wendy P. (verified owner)

      My skin is so soft,and smells amazing.

    13. valerie g. (verified owner)

      I LOVE my hand and body lotion. My dry skin drinks in this lotion for silky smooth skin. The lavender scent makes me happy.

    14. Pamela Jane W. (verified owner)

      Excellent. Would purchase again.

    15. Cindy H. (verified owner)

      What a Beautiful scent! It soaks into my dry skin and feels so smooth and soft. Great product!

    16. Alicia D. (verified owner)

      The lotion is a great moisturizer and leaves a nice after smell. Not to strong. I have the lavender one.

    17. Michelle C. (verified owner)

      Smells awesome, my feet have never been this soft!

    18. Naomii

      love this lotion and the ingredients. You can’t compare it to the other name brands with chemicals..truly the best!

    19. Liz D. (verified owner)

      Kind of unfortunately for me, I got this for my daughter. She loves it, and I might have to order some for myself soon. I also got her the dried lavender, which smells heavenly without being overpowering.

    20. Jill (verified owner)

      A friend took me to Lavender Lane a few months ago. I purchased the Lavender and Lemongrass lotion which is absolutely the best!!! So, I ordered online 4 more bottles! Even my feet are now soft. I won’t use anything else! I highly recommend this amazing body lotion!

    21. Jena M. (verified owner)

      This is the best scented lavender! I’ve purchased multiple times for myself and as gifts. Everyone just loves it.

    22. Susan T. (verified owner)

      I love this lotion, not only is the smell amazing but it’s so soft and smooth and non greasy. It rubs into the skin immediately. Even my husband likes it.

    23. Kelly

      I bought the lavender lemongrass lotion and love it! It’s a nice, thick lotion and the scent is fresh and detectable without being too much. Great product and delivered quickly. It also came beautifully packaged, even though it wasn’t a gift. 🙂

    24. Rebecca K. (verified owner)

      Emollient but not oily and smells lovely

    25. Mary M. (verified owner)

      Super customer service!! Very happy with the unscented lotion. I have a special essential oil that I am going to add to this one.

    26. ELIZABETH D. (verified owner)

      I love it. Scent not overpowering. Absorbs quickly with no greasy feeling left on your hands!

    27. Susan T. (verified owner)

      Absolutely love this lotion, even got my husband using it and loving it. It isn’t greasy, it’s smooth, soft and rubs in right away. Really helps our chapped skin and the smell is wonderful. We both use it daily. I love your products?

    28. Alexis W. (verified owner)

      I absolutely love this lotion! It smells wonderful and feels amazing!

    29. Angie W. (verified owner)

      Love this lotion. Bought one at the Lavender Harvest festival and just ordered some for gifts and another one for me.

    30. Diane M. (verified owner)

      Wonderful scent. Goes on nicely and doesn’t leave your hands greasy.

    31. Jena H. (verified owner)

      My favorite lavender scented lotion of all time! I gift it quite a bit too.

    32. Cynthia M. (verified owner)

      Consistency is perfect and the scent is incredible. Perfect balance of vanilla and lavender, with the vanilla not being overwhelming. Allows the lavender scent to come through beautifully

    33. Constance W. (verified owner)

      Lovely scent but the pump arrived broken. Called and asked for a new pump.

    34. Marianne Parthum (verified owner)

      The hand and body lotion leave my skin very soft all the time.
      It is never greasy. The mild lavender smell is very pleasant!
      Thanks for making such a wonderful product!

    35. Dawn

      I purchased the Vanilla Lavender. I love it. I wish they had more items with Vanilla Lavender.

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  • Hand + Body Cream Lavender Products

    Hand + Body Cream

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    Hand + Body Cream Lavender Products

    Hand + Body Cream


    Our 100% all-natural body créme was crafted for deep, intensive, and lasting moisturization. Naturally-sourced ingredients repair your skin while sealing moisture inside.

    31 reviews for Hand + Body Cream

    1. Debra P. (verified owner)

      Non greasy, good penetrating lotion wut a long lasting scent. Using this i received a lot of compliments. I will purchase again!

    2. Diane L. (verified owner)

      It is heavenly and feels so smooth. Definitely a favorite!!

    3. Kristi J. (verified owner)

      My first time trying the body creme. Wish I had tried it sooner. The scent is amazing and it’s perfect for dry skin in the brutal winter.

    4. Sheri B. (verified owner)

      Love this product

    5. Stephanie B. (verified owner)

      First time trying product from this company. I love it! The fragrance is wonderful. It is so creamy. It goes on well and absorbs quickly. I will definitely purchase again!

    6. Jessica F. (verified owner)

      Love the silkiness of this product. A little goes a long way and the fragrance is lovely.

    7. Lynda F. (verified owner)

      Finally applied this silky smooth crime last night! Love the fragrance and the way it felt on my aging skin! I need a case of it!

    8. Nancy M. (verified owner)

      Love, love, love!!

    9. Tiffany D. (verified owner)

      I bought this hoping it would do something for my 4 year old sons eczema and severe dry skin. I refuse to use steroid creams on the little guy. In just 2 week of using, we have noticed significant changes in his skin texture and little to no itching at night. I love it also for my dry hands! Definitely recommend to others.

    10. Tressa S. (verified owner)

      I really love this cream. My grandson had what looked like eczema starting all over his back and tops of his toes. I applied this cream once for two days and I am just stunned by the improved.

    11. Sheri B. (verified owner)

      I have happy skin.

    12. Susan E. (verified owner)

      Winter is so tough on my skin. Moisturizing and soothing without making my hands feel greasy. Highly recommend!

    13. Vickie C. (verified owner)

      Love it, was originally given to me by a coworker, now im hooked

    14. Paula G. (verified owner)

      LOVE this! A little bit goes a long way! Love that they are a family business. Doesn’t hurt that their products are AWSOME! I also purchased the goat milk lavender soap! Another LOVE this product! I will be buying more. You will not regret your purchase!
      Paula Gargus??

    15. Lynda F. (verified owner)

      Crazy about this creme and this new fragrance is so refreshing!

    16. Sandy E. (verified owner)

      Just lovely to use! My Skin loves it!

    17. Lori M. (verified owner)

      Wonderful cream. Very fast shipping. I will be ordering again.

    18. Terri R. (verified owner)

      This is such a helpful lotion. I’ve use it for massaging a sore tendon, and it has really helped. This is a quality product that helps with dryness also, and it has a wonderful aroma!

    19. Ellen N. (verified owner)

      My order was a gift for my cousin and she loved everything!

    20. Ellen N. (verified owner)


    21. Patricia A C. (verified owner)

      Smooth and light lavendar scent.

    22. Mary K. (verified owner)

      If you want to indulge yourself in a luxurious product at a low price this is it.

    23. K.K. (verified owner)

      I sent a couple of these to friends in Japan and France. This lotion smalls wonderful! I used to buy these at the farmer’s market. I am glad I still get them online.
      The small goat milk soaps were packed in beautiful sachets for Christmas. My friends in MI will love them!

    24. Pamela H. (verified owner)

      Love this cream. It works wonders to counteract my dry hands and skin, especially this year. The constant disinfecting of surfaces. really dries my hands. I keep a jar in my office, kitchen and bathroom

    25. Lisa T. (verified owner)

      This was a gift and the recipient was delighted. Thank-you.

    26. Ellen N. (verified owner)

      I just really appreciate your products!

    27. Jeanne P. (verified owner)

      I love Lavender Lane and their products esp. the Lavender Body creme as I have very tender skin that reacts even to the clothes I ware, like getting rashes or just an itch that I cannot see unless I go ahead and scratch it. So for this I use the Body creme to stop this from happening, it works so well that i ordered more and wish I could get it in a larger container. I recommend it to anyone, it is worth the cost. Thanks Jeanne Poulsen. I rate it with the most stars.

    28. Kathy K. (verified owner)

      I shopped the site for the mosquito repellent and now I am in LOVE with this Lavender Rose Hand & Body Creme. The scent is just enough; not strong at all and oh, a treat for your hands and feet. I will shop again!

    29. Kaya K. (verified owner)

      Smells Great!
      I can’t wait to try the other scents in the larger bottles!

    30. Norah R. (verified owner)

      Wonderful, wonderful hand and body cream. Just a little bit softens and smooths my dry hands with a lovely lavender fragrance.

    31. Kaya K. (verified owner)

      This hand cream smells great!
      I used to get this at the farmer’s market, but I am so happy I can get it online now and share my favorite lotion with my friends!

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  • Linen + Body Spray

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    Linen + Body Spray


    Freshen up your linens and body with this light + hypoallergenic lavender mist! Ideal when used after bathing/showering and before applying lotion. (8 fl.oz)

    Hydrates + tones + tightens skin!

    30 reviews for Linen + Body Spray

    1. STAN S. (verified owner)

      Spraying the bed cover with this, enables me to sleep more soundly! Worth every penny!

    2. Ginger L. (verified owner)

      Beautiful, fresh like a spring linen & body spray !

    3. Jasmine (verified owner)

      So effective as a sleep aid! Heavenly scent. Thank you!

    4. Gina L. (verified owner)

      Smells so great. I use it after I bathe, before applying moisturizer. Really helps hydrate my skin before their lotion seals it in!

    5. Katie H. (verified owner)

      I use this before bed. Lovely scent!

    6. Grace Heller G. (verified owner)

      The linen-body mist is wonderful! I spray my bedding and it helps me sleep better.

    7. Calin P. (verified owner)

      Makes doing laundry enjoyable. Very light, crisp, and relaxing. All my linen smells phenomenal!

    8. Jennifer H. (verified owner)

      This is by far my favorite product. I love getting into bed to the smell of fresh lavender. This is a product that will surely get reordered time and time again.

    9. Lisa L. (verified owner)

      Beautiful little pick me up. I sprayed all over myself

    10. Sandy E. (verified owner)

      Love it misted on our pillows at bedtime! Breathe deep and you will rest well.

    11. DHK Animal Rescue (verified owner)

      Loved shopping in the store today! I can’t wait for my 14 plants grow and produce flowers! Also, the hand wash is fantastic! I love the CBD cream as well! I had a bad pain in my thumb of all places today with swelling-coincidence that it settled down after using the cream? I don’t think so! Joe was very helpful in helping me with selecting my plants and figuring out which plants would work best in my garden. Thank u again, Joe and good luck on your grand opening tomorrow! New customer for life!

    12. Pamela Jane W. (verified owner)

      Excellent! I would purchase this again.

    13. Lesley N. (verified owner)

      I love this spray! i’m addicted and have to spay on my pillow every-night. It totally relaxes me. Thank you! I’m going to order some gifts for my mom for Mother’s Day!

    14. Sharon P. (verified owner)

      I love the Linen+Body Mist!!! I spray on our bed linens at night and in the morning.It helps me have a good nights sleep.
      I also like to use it as a body spray to feel fresh!Wonderful product.Thank you!

    15. michelle z. (verified owner)

      Love it …every night I spray on my legs and off to sweet dreams

    16. Michelle C. (verified owner)

      Love!! Smells amazing!! Works great on my dry legs.

    17. Jena H. (verified owner)

      Very nice. Your products are by far the best lavender scented products.

    18. Bridget K. (verified owner)

      We love this!

    19. Valerie M. (verified owner)

      I can’t live without this….. I love this product. I spray it everywhere, bedding, chairs, couch, dog bed, cat boxes, shoes, kids backpacks. Has such a fresh lavender smell. Thank you for this awesome product. Keep doing what you do so well.
      Val Moran

    20. Diane M. (verified owner)

      I use this every time I make the bed. Especially on the pillows. Nice scent. Not too strong.

    21. Jeanne L. (verified owner)

      Love this mist. I use it all over the house and when I’m ironing. Not strong just right.

    22. Diane M. (verified owner)

      I use this everyday when I make the bed. A little goes a long way, excellent scent.

    23. Peggy M. (verified owner)

      I love it . Smells so good . Like to spray on my bedding just before going to bed . Peggy Murdock

    24. Susan A. (verified owner)

      We are loving the delicate scent of this mist. It is so subtle and the lightness of the scent freshens our rooms, leaving a just-laundered aroma to everything! No heavy perfumes here! We love it!

    25. Jodi K. (verified owner)

      Love having this fresh picked lavender mist in my home. I use it daily on my bedroom linens to help me sleep!
      Thank You

    26. Julieanne V. (verified owner)

      Love it it calms me and relaxes me recommend it

    27. Jeanne L. (verified owner)

      These are great for all around the house or on you. I love using it on my ironing.

    28. Tiffany D. (verified owner)

      My favorite product. I keep multiple bottle throughout the house. One in the bedroom for on the bedsheets before bed, one in the bathroom for after shower body spray, one in the kids rooms bc they insist on having their sheets and clothes sprayed too!

    29. Kelly W. (verified owner)


    30. Donna B. (verified owner)

      I use it on my sheets so that at night I can sleep well

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  • Lavender Essential Oil

    Lavender Essential Oil

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    Lavender Essential Oil

    Lavender Essential Oil


    100% pure lavender essential oil. Apply topically (directly or diluted), or use with your favorite essential oil diffuser to enjoy aromatherapy benefits. Lavender oil is amazing on its own and mixes well with many other essential oils.

    18 reviews for Lavender Essential Oil

    1. Jeanne L.

      Wonderful I love all the lavender supplies.
      Will use them all the time

    2. Diane L.

      It is great to add to your potpourri. The fragrance is mellow and lasting.

    3. Mary M.

      Great oil. Always happy with these products.

    4. Jeanne L.

      I love it it’s in my humidifier my house smells clean so heavenly

    5. Anna G.

      Been buying essential oil for years, this is by far the “freshest” smelling. I have bought 3 for birthday gifts. My new source for lavender essential oil.

    6. Nancy M

      So much better than any other lavender essential oil I’ve ever had. You only need a little!

    7. Sonja O.

      I studied Aromatherapy and know that the quality of an essential oul is important. The lavender oil of lavender lane folliws high quality standards. The other deciding factor in an oils effiacy is its origin. I live in Michigan amd so it would make sense that a lavender oil from plants grown in Michigan would be highly effective for me. The essential oil of lavender from lavender lane is my first choice.

    8. Susan B.

      Wonderful oil- pure natural fragrance! Shipped SOOO fast! Love!

    9. Darleen O.

      For to recent stresses, my cystic able had been flaring up. I miss a few drops of lavender with a tea tree & hemp oil I have and it cleared them up in 1/2 the time. Wonderful scent & great quality oil.

    10. Margret B.

      Use it every night in my diffuser.

    11. Diane M.

      This smells so much better than any I’ve ever bought in a store! A little goes a long way! Love it!

    12. Terri R.

      I’m so excited that I found Lavender Lane. I love their products, and have used many. The lavender oil is wonderful, and it is a quality product. It’s strong & effective.

    13. mark l.

      This is awesome. Just a couple drops and it takes you away.

    14. Cindy H.

      This Lavender oil is so true to the scent. It is a soft floral lavender that is not overpowering. I Love it!

    15. Margret B.

      Use it nightly. Aids in falling asleep

    16. Alice S.

      Thank you for your Lavender Essential Oil. I like running my diffuser with the oil after a full work day. I run it for 3-4 hours before bed in our main living space to relax our tension and bring a fresh scent to our home. It is long lasting as one tank last two days in our home and the lavender smell is consistent for two days as well. I love your products!

    17. Noura B.

      This is by far the best lavender essential oil I’ve ever purchased, and I’ve purchased a lot. It is incredibly fresh and pure…so clean. I always buy several to give as gifts and people love them!

    18. Sandra A.

      Very good product. You can tell from other lavender products how pure it is. Highly recommended.

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  • Nourishing Body Wash

    Nourishing Body Wash

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    Nourishing Body Wash

    Nourishing Body Wash


    We blend Aloe Vera juice with plant-based cleansers to provide a rich lather with safe & gentle cleansing. Oils of acai fruit, passionfruit seed and rice bran nourish your skin, while provitamin b5 improves skin softness and elasticity.

    19 reviews for Nourishing Body Wash

    1. Ava M (verified owner)

      Very refreshing scent. Lathers well, love it!

    2. Maya S. (verified owner)

      Wow, such an uplifting scent. Not what I expected. This will last me many months, because so little is needed. Thank you!

    3. Catherine C. (verified owner)

      Love it doesn’t dry out your skin

    4. Diane L. (verified owner)

      Among all your items, this is my very favorite. I am sending one to an expecting Mom along with a baby shower gift.

    5. Donna M. (verified owner)

    6. Pam D. (verified owner)

      A delightful scent.. lathers up great.. wonderful..

    7. Judy T. (verified owner)

      Love it.

    8. Suzanne B. (verified owner)

      Feels wonderful. Enjoy the lavender

    9. Kathy C. (verified owner)

      Love the fragrance and how fresh my skin feels (no residue) Kathy C

    10. Liz D. (verified owner)

      I love it. My skin has been really dry lately, and this is like using lotion without the messiness! Also….the packaging is outstanding, especially with the little sachets!

    11. Valerie M. (verified owner)

      This was the first time that I have tried this product and I love it. I have to hide it from my daughter probably going to have to get her one too. Love your products.

    12. Rebecca K. (verified owner)

      Love this body wash! It’s kind to my sensitive skin and smells wonderful but isn’t overwhelming.

    13. Jeanne L. (verified owner)

      Very subtle smell and so soft feeling. Great product

    14. Diane L. (verified owner)

      I would never be without the body wash. It is concentrated so one only needs a small amount for your whole shower. The fragrance is wonderful too!

    15. Susan T. (verified owner)

      The lavender body wash is amazing, I having suffered with chronic hives and this body wash has helped my skin feel some relief and helped to put some much needed moisture back in my dry skin. I love all of your products, your soaps, lotions, oils, chest rubs, all natural and clean products. I am one of your biggest fans! Thank you for making such wonderful products for all of us to enjoy.

    16. Nan-Marie F. (verified owner)

      Fragrance and consistency are excellent. A nice, relaxing wash.

    17. Dayna K. (verified owner)

      Love this body wash! It lathers up really well and smells like fresh cut lavender! The scent fills my entire bathroom and is delightful!

    18. Vicki G. (verified owner)

      The first bottle was a gift from a user of your products. I love it. I’ve bought one for all my giving Christmas gifts to friends and family. PS I bought them each a lavender sachet to go with I gift.

    19. Dayna K. (verified owner)

      I originally bought this based on reviews so I have to pay it forward! I absolutely adore this body wash. It is the freshest, most natural lavender scent! It lathers well and is just the best. This is my 2nd purchase and certainly won’t be my last!

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  • Nourishing Conditioner

    Nourishing Conditioner

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    Nourishing Conditioner

    Nourishing Conditioner


    Restore smooth + glowing hair in this easy 3-minute treatment inspired by Moroccan Argan Oil. Prized all over the globe for adding shine, repairing split ends and protecting hair, this timeless + organic oil is as effective as it is natural. Coupled with provitamin b5 which acts as a humectant, emollient, glossifying and detangling agent, these ingredients transform your hair + scalp into exquisite form.

    Ingredients: distilled water, vegetable glycerin, olive oil, grapeseed oil, organic argan oil, sorbitan laurate, cetyl alcohol, behentrimonium chloride, cocamidopropyl betaine, provitamin b5, hydrolyzed rice protein, lavender essential oil, citric acid, lactic acid, ascorbic acid, potassium sorbate.


    18 oz.

      7 reviews for Nourishing Conditioner

      1. Ava M. (verified owner)

        No heavy feel to hair, great scent.

      2. Margret B. (verified owner)

        Makes my hair soft & shiny & has a great smell

      3. Wendy (verified owner)

        I love the way my hair feels,and it’s so controllable.

      4. LizzyBear D. (verified owner)

        I love the conditioner, too, for the same reasons I love the shampoo. It is really comparable to way pricier conditioners

      5. Julie K. (verified owner)

        Love using your products in the shower! The lavender conditioner aroma is terrific and my hair feels great. I need to try the shampoo soon. I use your bar soap and hand creams all the time. High quality products in Milan, MI!

      6. Diane M. (verified owner)

        I have curly hair and use this as a leave in conditioner and a styling product. Leave my hair smooth with a great scent.

      7. Emma L. (verified owner)

        Love the smell and this has improved the frizzies sooo much, my hair looks better!

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    • Botanical Hand Soap | Lavender Products

      Botanical Hand Soap

      Select options
      Botanical Hand Soap | Lavender Products

      Botanical Hand Soap


      Deliciously scented and ethically sourced, our hand soaps effectively cleanse the dirtiest of hands. Superior feeling product that does not over dry your hands.

      25 reviews for Botanical Hand Soap

      1. Alex G. (verified owner)

        This product is great!
        My toddlers love how it smells. Every time they are washing their hands, they just put their hands close to their nose to smell the lavender.
        It leaves the skin smooth, not dry like other hand soaps. Usually I have to apply hand cream every time I wash my hands. I’ve found that I do not feel the need to do that with this soap.
        Thank you for making a great product!

      2. Alex G. (verified owner)

        We were trying out different natural hand soaps and never quite found one that we really liked. We always felt that the other ones were too soluble (not thick enough) and we didn’t felt that our hands were clean after washing.
        Now that Lavender Lane have this product, we quickly ordered it and after trying it for about a week, we realized that this was the product we liked the most!
        One of my kids, he ALWAYS smell his hands while washing them with this soap. He loves the lavender smell. The product itself feels thick and oily enough to make you feel your hands are clean afterwards.’
        Thank you!!

      3. Elisa B. (verified owner)

        We absolutely love this product. The texture and fragrance are superior to the competition. I received as a gift. My husband commented on how impressed he was when he used it and I had to purchase and place in all of our bathrooms and the kitchen!

      4. Nancy M. (verified owner)

        The smell is wonderful!

      5. Calin P. (verified owner)

        Genuinely great quality. Only use a squirt, super potent and aroma forward. Years of using bad soap really makes this stand out as the best soap ever!

      6. Mark L. (verified owner)

        These smell so good and are definitely an unusual scent that is refreshing

      7. Mark L. (verified owner)

        I will say that I do like the scent and it cleanS well

      8. Samantha S. (verified owner)

        This soap feels and smells amazing. It’s not greasy or oily After rinse. And the soft smell lingers on your hands for hours after.Not only the soap but everything I’ve gotten from lavender lane has been perfect. Especially the lavender plants! These guys are great! Fast shipping. I knew I had a package from them right when I opened my mailbox because it smelled godly before the box was even opened! Looking forward to lavender fest 2020!

      9. Sandy E. (verified owner)

        This is the absolute best hand soap! My manicurist noticed how good my hands and nails looked after I stated using it daily.

      10. Pamela Jane W. (verified owner)

        Excellent although I feel the plastic cap should be pale green, white or pale lavender in color. The tangerine color needs to go. My 14 yrs old grandson even remarked how good the soap smells after he used it.

      11. Nadia L. (verified owner)

        Not only is the smell absolutely amazing, it doesn’t dry my hands out. It smells good to wash your hands!

      12. Kathy C. (verified owner)

        Softening and lovely scent.

      13. Michelle C. (verified owner)

        Smells great, makes my hands soft!!

      14. Phyllis W. (verified owner)

        Liked the old container better , don’t care for the orange …. But I like the soap

      15. Paula M. (verified owner)

        This is a nice light soap with a great Lavender orange scent. Very little needed to create a full lather.

      16. Mary M. (verified owner)

        great smelling soap works well I will buy more when I run out.

      17. Laura B. (verified owner)

        Absolutely love this new scent of liquid hand soap! Now I have 2 favorites: lavender lime and this one!

      18. Laura B. (verified owner)

        I love this new scent! I always purchased lavender lime in the past and decided to try this one. So glad I did!

      19. Janet H. (verified owner)

        love the botanical hand soaps.. !! of course have loved everything I have tried. getting ready to order some bug spray, it works so well and doesn’t leave the bug spray feel on your skin.

      20. Julieanne V. (verified owner)

        Fragrant and gentle on the hands

      21. Jennie (verified owner)

        I wish I lived closer to Lavender Lane!! Love all the products. I stock up when I order so I have a quick gift when I need them. Everyone who has received a gift from Lavender Lane always ask “Where did you buy this” Keep making such amazing products.
        Stay Safe!

      22. Sandra M. (verified owner)

        This hand soap is a family favorite! Fragrance is beautiful.

      23. Judy M. (verified owner)

        The best hand soap I’ve tried is this one from Lavender Lane!

      24. Judy M. (verified owner)

        Love this hand soap! All the varieties are wonderful.

      25. Rebecca K. (verified owner)

        This is a really great product! Smells wonderful and doesn’t leave heavy residue

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    • Foaming Hand Soap | Lavender Products

      Foaming Hand Soap

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      Foaming Hand Soap | Lavender Products

      Foaming Hand Soap


      Naturally-derived from coconuts and wonderfully scented with our farm-distilled lavender essential oil, our foaming hand soap is the perfect soap for kids and adults alike!


      Ingredients: Distilled Water, Decyl Glucoside, Pottasium Cocoate, Essential Oils of English and Intermedia Lavenders, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin.


      9 oz. Bottle

        14 reviews for Foaming Hand Soap

        1. Donna M. (verified owner)

          A great smelling hand soap and I love it!!

        2. Calin P. (verified owner)


        3. Diane L. (verified owner)

          So glad that you offer the foaming hand soap, love it. It is so fragrant!!

        4. Margret B. (verified owner)

          Nice smell. Not harsh like some of the commercial products.

        5. Mark L. (verified owner)

          Like this well. These days we are going through soaps and the variances of scents makes it not so boring to keep washing your hands.

        6. Lisa L. (verified owner)

          One of my favorite products

        7. Susan T. (verified owner)

          I love this soap, been using it for awhile now, we love it.

        8. Susan T. (verified owner)

          Smells wonderful, makes you happy to wash your hands more.

        9. Sue N. (verified owner)

          This Foaming Hand Soap is so luxurious and smells wonderful.

        10. Susan T. (verified owner)

          This foaming soap is so nice to use and it smells wonderful. I love all the products made by Lavender Lane.

        11. SUSAN T. (verified owner)

          I love this soap, it has such a soft lavender smell that people that have used it at my house always comment on how nice it smells and I can watch them minutes later still smelling their hands. It’s a lovely scent. Very soft soap!! Love it!!

        12. Nancy M. (verified owner)

          First time ordering this and we love it the smell is fantastic

        13. lydia l. (verified owner)

          I really enjoy this hand soap. I love using just before bed time. I will be buying more.

        14. Mark L. (verified owner)

          This is the 4th bottle. This soap make me want to keep washing my hands. I think it has a relaxing effect on us. But can’t get enough of the aromatics log the lavender.

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