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  • 3-in-1 Healing CBD Paw Balm

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    3-in-1 Healing CBD Paw Balm


    • Natural and nontoxic formula made with natural oils and butters plus pet-safe essential oils.
    • Provides instant relief from dry, cracked and callused skin and may help prevent bleeding, chapping, cracking, infections and ulcers with regular use.
    • Absorbs quickly to help protect paws from the elements and environment.
    • Specially formulated to help ease and soften your pup’s skin, nose and paws.
    • 250mg full-spectrum CBD

    Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Botanical Infusion (arnica, calendula, chamomile, lavender), Organic Shea Butter, Organic Sunflower Wax, Essential Oil Blend (Black Spruce, Cedarwood, Lavender, Orange).


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  • Hemp+ Cream 250mg - 500mg - 1,000mg

    Lavender CBD Cream

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    Hemp+ Cream 250mg - 500mg - 1,000mg

    Lavender CBD Cream


    This is an exquisite cream that helps melt away aches and pains while encouraging a glowing complexion*! We infuse our cream with organic arnica, organic calendula, organic chamomile, our farm-grown lavender and Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract. This cream is all-natural, leaves no oily feeling and absorbs in minutes.

    Hemp & these plant extracts are known for their ability to significantly reduce:

    Muscle and joint pain, swelling, inflammation, muscle spasms, tension and post-workout recovery time*. Additionally, customers report that this cream is very effective in alleviating eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and severely dry skin*. It is one of our best-sellers!*


    Ingredients: Distilled Water, Herb-Infused Organic Sunflower Seed Oil,Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Goat’s Milk, Emulsifying Wax NF, Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Organic MCT Oil (coconut-derived), Organic Arnica Extract, Organic Calendula Extract, Organic Chamomile Extract, Organic Lavender Extract, Stearic Acid (Vegetable-Derived), Phenoxyethanol, Lavender Essential Oil, Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, Vitamin E Oil.


    *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    96 reviews for Lavender CBD Cream

    1. Diane P. (verified owner)

      Works great to ease pain in my knee with arthritis and my daughter’s sprained knee. Goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly. The fragrance is not too strong, just right.

    2. Kathleen S. (verified owner)

      Great creme….really glad I took and chance and ordered this. I use it at night and it smells wonderful and dulls my arthritis enough for me to get a good nights sleep. Very high quality creme for the money will definitely purchase again…..

    3. Michelle (verified owner)

      Hands down, this is the best cream I have ever tried out! So rich and the effects last for anywhere from 8 to 10 hours for me. It keeps arthritis in my hands and knees in check and also healed an eczema patch on my arm! Would definitely recommend this product to anybody who has arthritis, eczema, or just wants an all-around amazing cream!!

    4. Tina A. (verified owner)

      A miracle cream! I have lupus which flares up my entire face. Makes it look like I’ve been sunburned with texture to it. 90 minutes after one application, the redness is reduced to three or four pimple sized patches. I called Joe, the owner, to share my results and he thinks it’s the organic flowers and herbs that really help! I have bought several of them in his gift shop and a few online. I have used several kinds of CBD lotions and salves before finding this farm. None have worked on my lupus anywhere like this!

    5. Rebecca A. (verified owner)

      This stuff feels amazing.. not greasy, absorbs quickly and smells great. I use it on larger areas of pain and find it very effective. Husband uses it as well and surprisingly likes the scent. I’m also experimenting on it for my severely dry and cracked feet. After 2 days, there is very noticeable improvement. Keep up the good work, Lavender Lane!

    6. Katie H. (verified owner)

      Great feel to it. Absorbs very quickly and helps my knees.

    7. Freda M. (verified owner)

      Love the CBD cream! It helps with pain almost immediately. I love the customer service! Fantastic! Thank you so much

    8. denise p. (verified owner)

      I love it..It helps so much my my burtitis in both hips

    9. Tina B. (verified owner)

      This cream has helped me a lot with arthritis pain so I can sleep better at night! Love the smell and texture too! I also really enjoy the lip balm I received. Thank you!

    10. Janet H. (verified owner)

      The lotion is helping enough with my hands I have been able to decrease the gabepetin will be re-ordering for sure!

    11. Sheryl S. (verified owner)

      Purchased the cream for my 90 year old father for all of his aches and pains of arthritis. He wasn’t very receptive at first but after using it morning and night I think he is a believer. My mom has MS and I got her to try it also. It is helping her with her leg pain and occasional leg cramps. They also say the smell is very pleasing.

    12. April E. (verified owner)

      This creme is amazing! I have tried several CBD products through the internet and had almost given up to living with back pain. My massage therapist used this creme on me and pain was gone immediately. I use this daily and no pain whatsoever! Customer for life!! Thank you so much!! Your products are WONDERFUL!

    13. Calin P. (verified owner)

      CBD doesn’t get you buzzed, it makes you forget about your pain. All natural remedy as opposed to popping pain pills.

    14. April E. (verified owner)

      This cream has done miracles for the arthritis in my back and knees. Absolutely no pain within a few minutes. I am a forever customer. I have even given my daughter some to try on her arm where she was hit by a car years ago and it has helped tremendously for her also.

    15. Dianne V. (verified owner)

      This cream absorbs quickly and leaves skin smooth not greasy. It smells amazing, and it provides great pain relief!

    16. Pamela H. (verified owner)

      I started using this cream last fall and love it. No more arthritis aches, especially in the winter.

    17. Charles M. (verified owner)

      I love this stuff! I have Carpal Tunnel in both wrists and Rheumatoid Arthritis in both hands and arm joints,I apply this product twice daily and it’s really been helping.I will definitely buy more when this bottle runs low.

    18. Michelle R. (verified owner)

      Love the scent and it seems to work very well. Great product and very fast shipping!

    19. Kerry V. (verified owner)

      I have sensitive skin and eczema and this is soothing to my skin and smells fantastic. I also have been putting it on my back the last few nights and it helps ease the aching. Just ordered two more bottles!

    20. Shawn E. (verified owner)

      So pleased. First of all, I love the product and so does my mother. I ordered some cbd creme and sent it right to my mom this last time. They included a little something “extra” in the package and it totally made my mom’s day. I think she said it was dried lavender potpourri. She absolutely loved it. Thank you!

    21. Dana M. (verified owner)

      Dealing with 5-FU (chemo) hands that are purple, peeling and cracking, painful. Betamethasone (strong steroid) cream gets me ~5 minutes of relief — doesn’t last longer than it takes to soak in.
      But Lavender Lane CBD Cream gives me about an hour of relief per application AND heals the peeling over time. Applied several times a day, it gives me the ability to function — something I hadn’t had for six weeks previous. Thank you so VERY much for this excellent formulation!! It even works on chemo hands.

    22. Sheri M. (verified owner)

      Love this product , use on all my aches &pains .

    23. Peggy R. (verified owner)

      This is the first time using this product and I have to say it has helped with my pain, from arthritis. I would buy this again.

    24. Debra T. (verified owner)

      I was skeptical when I bought the CBD creme but let me tell you I love this stuff and I will be ordering more.I also ordered the lavender honey for my tea,lip balm,dryer bags and am impressed with it all. So glad I found you!

    25. Millie S. (verified owner)

      Awesome cbd

    26. Cheryl M. (verified owner)

      I love the cream, snd it definitely helps with pain. Thank you so much

    27. Ellen E. (verified owner)

      Lovely aroma and works quickly to reveal pain.

    28. April E. (verified owner)

      I am a repeat customer and this creme is the most amazing creme for muscle and joint pain! I would never use anything else and it smells heavenly!

    29. Christina (verified owner)

      I brought this product for my mom and she really enjoys the smell and the feel of it on her skin

    30. Mary G. (verified owner)

      Works and smells fantastic!!! Love it ❤️

    31. Stephanie V. (verified owner)

      Truly LOVE this product from the pump bottle to it’s amazing smelling and smooth finish.

    32. Stephanie V. (verified owner)

      Love everything about this product!! Not too thick, wonderful smell and truly feel that it helps aches and pains! Also love that it comes in a pump bottle!

    33. Mary C. (verified owner)

      Love this CBD cream! I use it every night on my lower back pain. It helps!

    34. Millie S. (verified owner)

      I like the relief it gives me for pain in legs. My husband has also used it on his wrist. The smell is awesome. This is my third container. My daughter got me my first one when she went to your festival.

    35. SYLVIA R. (verified owner)

      This stuff works great on my chronic back and knee pain. And it’s not sticky and it actually smells really good. This is the best CBD lotion I’ve found so far!! I’m so glad I found this stuff.

    36. April E. (verified owner)

      I am a returning and lifelong customer after using the CBD creme. It helps my arthritis in my lower back so much. It’s my daily go to.

    37. Marianne P. (verified owner)

      The Hemp+Cream 250mg has really completely reduced the achiness from overworked muscles. I did a lot of walking on uneven ground and used the cream on my achy areas of my legs. In a few minutes, I was pain free! This cream is a wonderful product!

    38. Mary S. (verified owner)

      The cream really helps ease the arthritis in my knee. I apply it at night and if I am going to do a lot of walking during the day.

    39. Vicky E. (verified owner)

      This is my second order of your CBD Lavender Cream. I love the smell and the way the lotion softens my skin. I believe that the cream does help with my neck and shoulder pain.

    40. Amanda K. (verified owner)

      This is amazing! I have Lyme Disease and can have some serious muscle and nerve pain on and off. I had awful muscle pain that was lasting for days. I put this cream on and within 1/2 hour I realized I hadn’t been in pain for several minutes! Thank you!!!

    41. Mary C. (verified owner)

      Love this cream. I use it every night on my back pain before bedtime.

    42. Jane K. (verified owner)

      Great pain relief.

    43. Monica B. (verified owner)

      This cream smells great and does make you feel relaxed in tense areas. Would buy again

    44. Nancy M. (verified owner)

      Love the Lavender CBD lotion. Helps with the pain in my leg at night!

    45. Dawn K. (verified owner)

      I am quite pleased with how well it relieves my pain. And it doesn’t leave me feeling greasy either.

    46. Cynthia B. (verified owner)

      I love your product I have used it before I just haven’t received it yet Postal Service here in Allen Park is slow hope to receive it soon

    47. Cyndi K. (verified owner)

      I absolutely LOVE your Hemp+Cream! I started using it in July after your Lavender Festival. It truly takes away any discomfort.
      We were with some friends in October and I was asked if I knew anything that could help with her arthritis. I told her about your wonderful product. We both recently orders more. Her husband uses it on his knees and shoulders. I’ll be taking some to a lady that I work with, for her to try as well.
      Thank you SO much!!!
      Cyndi K.

    48. Julie K. (verified owner)

      Thank you for sending my CBD cream timely. Great product to use for joint & back discomforts.

    49. Jamie T. (verified owner)

      Incredible in every way a créme should be. I douse myself in this at least 2x a day! Very happy to support this farm & small business!
      -Jamie, Mother of Pearl Organic Goods Co.

    50. Judy M. (verified owner)

      My go to for my aches and pains!

    51. Kimberly J. (verified owner)

      Great product. Super soft and fragrant. Eases the pain in my knees

    52. Phyllis H. (verified owner)

      This stuff is better than most medicine

    53. Alecia G. (verified owner)

      I love this product!! I tried the cream vs the pump because it was on sale and I love it!! I thought I should buy another one while it’s still on sale.

    54. Linda R. (verified owner)

      I’ve been using the cream for about 2 weeks, and I’m very pleased. I use it on my knee and it seems to take the edge off. I’m on my feet for 10-12 hrs a day.I use it again at night restful sleep.I highly recommend the hemp lavender cream.

    55. Mary C. (verified owner)

      I’ve been using this product for 2 years now. I use use on my lower back and shoulders every night before I go to bed. Helps me sleep.

    56. Robin C. (verified owner)

      My daughter bought a jar for me when we went to the U-Pick event at Lavender Lane in 2020. I loved it so much I ordered more online in 2021! It works great for my achy knees and feet.

    57. Marlene W. (verified owner)

      Nothing organic has been able to help with neuropathy pain like CBD lavender lotion. Thank you for your product.

    58. Stephanie A. (verified owner)

      I bought a sample size of this cream to try and it worked so well on my achy hands and feet. I will be buying more. This cream is amazing.

    59. I reordered (verified owner)

      This really does work. I just ordered another container.

    60. Shirley M. (verified owner)

      Love this cream It works wonders

    61. Karen M. (verified owner)

      I suffer from multiple areas of arthritis. This cream makes my pain go away without harmful chemicals. I love it and will use it forever.

    62. Darlene M. (verified owner)

      Amazing, works right away and smells great highly reccomend this have used it for 3 yr’s

    63. Robin C. (verified owner)

      I’ve getting the cream in the jar and I love it. However, it gets under my fingernails, so I wear rubber gloves to put it on. I decided to spend a few more dollars to get the airless pump and so happy I did! No more rubber gloves to put on this wonderful lotion. ♥

    64. Kaye S. (verified owner)

      Excellent customer service. Been using this product for years now and love it. Nice scent and soft creamy feel on skin. Would highly recommend.Thanks. Kaye Sanders

    65. Marcia V. (verified owner)

      I received a sample of this with my last order. I finally decided to try this on my sore, achy wrists (I got this after a stem cell transplant) I can tell you, I rub a very small amount on the top of my hands and all around my wrists and the pain is GONE in a matter of a few minutes! This stuff is amazing and my wrists are pain-free the whole night! I’m grateful to have found this stuff, thank you Lavender Lane!!!

    66. Kris V. (verified owner)

      Finally! A CBD cream that smells good! Other CBD products I’ve tried have more of a hemp scent, which isn’t how I want to smell at work. This cream not only has a pleasing lavender fragrance, it also eases my arthritic pain. Love this product!

    67. Ellen E. (verified owner)

      This is quick and very effective in reducing pain

    68. David W. (verified owner)

      Fantastic cream, really works well.

    69. Betsy G. (verified owner)

      I love this CBD cream it is soft and contains enough CBD to be effective for my arthritis

    70. Gloria M. (verified owner)

      I use this every day on my knees and back. It really helps with the pain.

    71. Robin C. (verified owner)

      Bought this before and since a discount was offered, bought it again. Love it!

    72. Kathleen D. (verified owner)

      I love this cream! It smells delightful and is great for my little bit of arthritis in my hands. Great products all around!

    73. Kay E. (verified owner)

      Everything is wonderful!

    74. Tina B. (verified owner)

      Love this cream! Works perfect on tired, sore muscles and joints. Plus it softens my skin and smells great!

    75. Rebecca L. (verified owner)

      Love the CBD cream, I got the 500mg, I’ve been using it on a sore muscle in my upper R arm, seems to help to relieve some of the pain associated with this muscle discomfort, I use the cream in conjunction with Essential Oils that I use. I appreciate the trial size of the 1000 mg CBD cream that came with my order a couple of weeks ago, the 1000 mg works very well, I’m thinking I will be getting the 1000 mg cream on my next order.

    76. Jose I. (verified owner)

      My husband and I have been huge fans of Lavender Lane’s 250 mg CBD Crème for years and recommended it to everyone we knew and some we didn’t. However, recently something happened to my right hand/wrist and I’ve had such pain that it kept me awake at night. I tried the 250 creme and it helped slightly but still kept me awake at night. Knowing they recently came out with the 500 and 1000 mg Creme I ordered the 1000mg both in the sample size (for my purse) and the regular size. I believe I ordered it late in the evening as I couldn’t sleep. In the morning I discovered that the order had been filled and was already on its way to my house. I could have hugged them for their service as well as these incredible products. I am pain free and sleeping so much better now. I have an appointment the end of the month to have the dr look at it but until then I highly recommend this product and so so many other ones they offer. The customer service and personal touches are commendable always! Love this family business for so many reasons!

    77. Becky L. (verified owner)

      I use this cream every night. I had a fall on Jan 1st, found out that I have an aggravated Rotator cuff tear! This cream has been helping me sleep better after I rub in some of my Essential oils, I put this cream and rub it in to help soften my muscle. So happy I found this cream!!

    78. Kathy Z. (verified owner)

      This product really works and I love the light lavender fragrance. I use it on joint pain, it’s easily absorbed and eases the pain. Can’t ask for more than that!

    79. Margo (verified owner)

      This is our entire family’s CBD supplier. We LOVE it for its effectiveness and pleasurable aroma

    80. Ann H. (verified owner)

      Very happy with product. Extremely good customer service.

    81. Ann H. (verified owner)

      Love the sample size to carry in my purse

    82. Cynthia M. (verified owner)

      This is the most effective CBD cream we’ve ever tried, and that’s saying a lot. We’ve purchased from dispensaries, pharmacies, you name it… and paid a whole lot more for inferior product. Whatever lavender lane is doing, it’s working like a charm for rheumatoid arthritis, skin flare ups and general muscle pain. We won’t go a day without. Great stuff

    83. Connie H. (verified owner)

      I buy this product for family members for Christmas. We all love it.

    84. Robin C. (verified owner)

      I absolutely love the 250mg Pump Top and continue to come back to buy it!

    85. Carrie G. (verified owner)

      This was suggested to me by my massage therapist before I went to have rotor cuff surgery, it was a lifesaver. It helped with the inflammation not on my incisions it was the pain that was going down my arm at first and across my neck from wearing the sling I would highly recommend this to anyone experiencing muscle aches.

    86. Ellen Elizabeth E. (verified owner)

      I started with the 250 mg which was quite effective but decided to try the 500mg and it seems to last longer.
      Great product. i have given samples to my friends Ann Helm and another Both have made purchases..

    87. Kaye S. (verified owner)

      I love the smell of all these products and they feel good going on your skin. Helps my arthritis in knee. I highly recommend any of these products. Thanks Kaye S .

    88. Cynthia M. (verified owner)

      The best CBD cream I’ve ever tried! Forever customer, thank you so much guys!!!

    89. Robin C. (verified owner)

      I come back to buy this again and again. It works good and smells wonderful!

    90. Katharine S. (verified owner)

      I use the 1000mg cream. It has been a great help. It works within minutes.

    91. Dawn G. (verified owner)

      Best product we’ve ever used.

    92. Marilyn H. (verified owner)

      The best CBD cream I’ve tried!

    93. KRISTIN G. (verified owner)

      I have been having problems with arthritis in my left hip for some time and unable to have surgery since I dislocated my right hip recently. While waiting for surgery I decided to try your Hemp+ Cream 1000 mg and it is a life saver!! I can do almost everything with little or no pain. I highly recommend this product to anyone with ailments! Highly recommended!

    94. Marilyn K. (verified owner)

      Paul and I both use this product. It brings us both much comfort. Thank you for being here in Milan.

    95. Sandra H. (verified owner)

      I have bought CBD Cream, Lavender Essential Oil, Lavender Honey, and Lavender Syrup. Everything has been top quality! I love the farm and the store. So happy the products are available year round. Sandy Humanski

    96. Mary S. (verified owner)

      I use Hemp Cream 1,000mg on my shoulder and/or knee every night. It really helps a lot. I would highly recommend it. I also got a sample jar of Hemp Cream 2,000mg to try.

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  • Sale!
    Hemp Lover's Gift Set

    CBD Lover’s Gift Set

    Select options
    Hemp Lover's Gift Set

    CBD Lover’s Gift Set


    Our Lavender-Hemp collection as a set is 10% OFF and includes FREE SHIPPING and a FREE lavender-mint lip balm.


    Lavender-Hemp Cream relieves & soothes:



    Muscle spasms*

    Eczema and dermatitis*


    CBD Oil Tincture relieves & soothes:

    Whole-body pain*





    Lavender-Hemp Roll-On relieves and soothes:





    Eczema and dermatitis*


    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    26 reviews for CBD Lover’s Gift Set

    1. Ashley S.

      Absolutely LOVE the oils, the cream, and the liquid drops. The chapsticks a little to strong for me on my face, but no worries I still use it on my chapped hand and it’s amazing. Never knew I was missing out so much on pain relief until I was suggested to try your cream. I have been migraine and pain free for a week now!!! Thank you so much for all your time, effort, and love in every package!!!

    2. Jena H.

      This set is a perfect foray in to CBD products. My husband used the creme on his injured calf and was pleased that it helped with the discomfort and I’ve used it for neck muscle soreness. And the smell is so nice! The lip balm is great… I feel like it does a nice job protecting my lips. I’m very pleased with the quality of these products and will be definitely continuing to shop with Lavender Lane.

    3. Brittany S.

      I recently became aware of Lavender Lane and couldn’t wait to try their products. I thought the sale price was a great opportunity to give these products a try & I was pleased with my purchase! My favorite is the CBD creme! It’s light and fragrant without being overpowering like some cremes can be. I also am a huge fan of the lip balm! Great products, fantastic experience, super quick shipping. Can’t wait to purchase again.

    4. Emily F.

      I have chronic headaches, the roll on oil is a fast and easy relief. I have not had to take as much headache medication.

    5. Jessica H.

      Absolutely LOVE this set! Would most definitely purchase again! 💜

    6. Mary F.

      The BEST CBD ever!!! I love the oil and use it for my chronic pain and migraines and it’s the only thing I’ve found that really helps. The cream is divine…so soft and smells so nice and really works well for my fibromyalgia and arthritis pain. The roller is great because it’s portable….so happy I found this set and when it came in the mail there was a beautiful fresh lavender sachets in it-a nice surprise and it made the package smell so good!!!

    7. Kathy B.

      I have been struggling with hip pain especially at night when I sleep. I purchased the roll on and have been very happy with the results of relieving the pain. When I saw that the CBD Lover’s gift set was discounted I purchased it so I could try all the products. So far I am very happy.

    8. Michael C.

      Heard about this gift set from my wife and instantly knew it was the perfect mother’s day gift. We love all the products so far from LL. Great sale price. Got text alerts when it was ready and when it was shipped, both were extremely quick!!!!

    9. Amanda B.

      Absolutely love this. I rub the cream on my feet every night and it has helped so much with the pain and swelling

    10. Michelle R.

      I bought this for my mom and she loves it! The roller helped her and my sisters headaches almost instantly! She uses the creme on her neck and it works like magic! If you’re hesitating – don’t! – order today!

    11. Karen M.

      I am diabetic, my feet swell and hurt, I use the lotion on them at night and get a great night’s sleep. When i run out of the lotion, I use the roll on on them, and then the tincture. Love this stuff.

    12. Pamela H.

      This gift set is wonderful. I love the cream and the roll-on oil is small enough to carry in my purse – wonderful to have and apply when at work or traveling to relieve a headache or sore muscle. The free gift of lip balm is the best especially with wearing a mask so much.

      Love all your products.

    13. JACKIE O

      Haven’t used the oil yet. However the cream is fantastic. I would definitely order again.

    14. Patty V.

      I’ve had 2 of the 3 items before, New was the CBD Lavender Oil. I enjoyed my FREE Gifts sent & shared your Postcard & one of the gifts with to my friend. She was so excited. I hope you have a new customer 🙂

      Also I appreciated the owner extending his sale to me, I missed it by 1 day. That speaks volumes 🙂

    15. Edward J.

      The gift set a great value. I divided it up with family members. High grade product.

    16. Alicia R.

      I keep this on hand always!! It’s a must-have if you suffer from arthritis, restless leg syndrome, or anxiety. I use it daily & find this gift set the perfect price!

    17. Pamela H.

      I absolutely love this set and as an added bonus they arrived perfectly gift wrapped and with a free lavender mint lip balm. Everyone was thrilled with their gift and didn’t want to open them they looked so pretty, but they did to get to the goodies inside.

    18. Karen M.

      This is the best oil money can buy. Not only that, but the Lavender makes it smell luscious. I buy these as gifts for birthdays and other days. (Father’s Day, Mother’s day, Christmas). We are so lucky to have these people in our community. My daughter has a torn tendon. The oil helps with the pain. I have neuropathy, the lotion helps with the swelling. Many uses for this stuff.

    19. Karen M.

      I bought these as gifts for my grown children. They were blown away by the quality and variety of products. I love this stuff.

    20. Roxanne C.

      Great deal , I mix the higher concentration oil with the lotion and it works great!

    21. Lanae H.

      The shopping experience was such a breeze. Beautiful website. I found what I was looking for instantly.
      The order came very quickly and I was pleasantly surprised with the extra item in the order.
      I have never used cbd oil and am now hooked. It has made such a difference with my RA. The results were noticed very quickly.

    22. Roxanne C.

      Have this for myself so now this is a gift for someone I love so very much!

    23. Rhonda F.

      This set is my my fav!! The lavender oils and lotions with CBD in them is awesome. Relieves pain so quickly and smells great. These products are a must buy💜

    24. Joanne L.

      Great product! Definitely helps with lower back pain and sciatica. Shipping was surprisingly fast and packaging right on target. Thank you! You have a permanent.customer!

    25. Ellen N.

      Wonderful products.
      Prompt delivery!

    26. Karen M.

      This stuff is so good.

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  • Hemp+ Massage & Body Oil | 250mg

    Lavender CBD Massage + Body Oil

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    Hemp+ Massage & Body Oil | 250mg

    Lavender CBD Massage + Body Oil


    Melt away muscle and joint pain with the newest addition to our CBD collection!

    Ideal for physical therapists, massage therapists, and anybody suffering with muscle & joint pain.

    Our organic oil is infused with flowers and herbs known for their ability to nourish skin and soothe pain & inflammation.


    Organic MCT Oil: Carries medicine deep into muscle tissues & joints.

    Organic Sunflower Seed Oil: Superior emollient, rich in Vit. E.

    Organic Arnica Extract: Relieves pain & inflammation of muscles & joints

    Organic Calendula Extract: Soothes various skin conditions.

    Organic Chamomile Extract: Soothes inflammation & muscle tension.

    Organic Lavender Extract: Anti-spasmodic, relieves muscle spams

    Organic St. John’s Wort Extract: Relieves muscle & joint pain.

    Lavender Essential Oil: Relieves pain & muscle spasms.

    Chamomile Essential Oil: Boosts skin health, relieves arthritic pain


    8.5 oz bottle ; 250mg CBD or 2,000mg CBD

    9 reviews for Lavender CBD Massage + Body Oil

    1. Cynthia B.

      Works great for me!

    2. Julie K.

      I am happy I decided to try the Hemp+Massage & Body Oil 250mg! Apply after a shower and it absorbs quickly into your skin. Great for your hands, elbows, neck,back,knees and feet discomforts! I add a few drops of other essential oils occasionally too. Treat yourself and try this terrific massage oil!💜💜💜💜💜

    3. Melissa G.

      This massage oil is AMAZING and the customer service is top notch. I love this little company and all the products they offer.

    4. Dawn B.

      So far I have used it on my heels for the winter. I haven’t got my husband to rub my back with it yet!

    5. carole b.

      I just used it on my knee. I think it helps with the degenerative pain. I will by it again.

    6. Laurie f.

      My favorite product works real fast for my aches and pain and leaves my body so soft.

    7. Ellen N.

      This is a wonderful product. Bravo and thanks!

    8. Lynn S.

      Love the Hemp + Massage & Body Oil, thank you for making it available again. I use it on a troubled thumb joint and rub it on the soles of my feet before bedtime. I can tell when I don’t use it. I used your online ordering and was very pleased with the speed in which I received my order

    9. Diana W.

      Love this oil. Use it with my massage clients.

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  • Hemp+ Oil (450mg - 1,000mg Tincture)

    Lavender CBD Oil Tincture (450mg – 1,000 mg Tincture)

    Select options
    Hemp+ Oil (450mg - 1,000mg Tincture)

    Lavender CBD Oil Tincture (450mg – 1,000 mg Tincture)


    Our Lavender Hemp+ tincture is an effective and natural alternative for pain relief, muscle spasms, sleeplessness and anxiety*! This is our most potent Hemp product.

    May alleviate:

    • Whole body pain/discomfort*
    • Anxiety*
    • Sleeplessness*

    We first add full-spectrum hemp extract to Organic MCT Oil, derived from organically grown coconuts. MCT oil allows for quicker absorption into your body than other carrier oils and is keto-friendly!

    We then infuse it with our culinary lavender and organic chamomile grown on our farm! Infusing with lavender and chamomile makes this tincture much more effective for anxiety and sleeplessness*. To top it off, it tastes like chamomile-lavender tea!

    36 reviews for Lavender CBD Oil Tincture (450mg – 1,000 mg Tincture)

    1. Jason B. (verified owner)

      I’ve tried many 400-500mg CBD tinctures and this is noticeably more effective. IDK if it’s the lavender and chamomile in there, but it helps me fall asleep much easier and is awesome for arthritis. Used it a few times before stressful work situations and it took the edge off. Will be ordering my CBD from here from now on. Thank you!

    2. Michelle (verified owner)

      Very effective for my arthritis. Also helps me in times of stress and restless nights! Tastes great and works in MINUTES!!! Thank you so much for this item! Also was wrapped and shipped so neatly, I just love this local business!

    3. Judy M. (verified owner)

      Love this! Helps with my arthritis and it tastes good

    4. Jack S. (verified owner)

      Works great. Can def taste the chamomile!

    5. Gina L. (verified owner)

      Bought this one and the regular one. I like the flavor of this one more. Tastes like chamomile which I love! Seems slightly more effective than the regular tincture. Thank you Lavender Lane! Will be buying my CBD products from here going forward!

    6. Rebecca A. (verified owner)

      I purchased all of their CBD items and love every one. This one’s the best for the busier work days when I don’t have the time to put the cream on, as it requires taking clothing off. Just 5 drops does the trick for me.

    7. Lori M. (verified owner)

      I’ve been trying a variety of Tinctures and this one by far is my favorite. Remember people these don’t work over night but over time. Very grateful to find one I like and to know exactly what I’m getting and where it’s coming from. Thank you Lavender Lane ❤️

    8. Sheryl S. (verified owner)

      Also got this for my parents and myself to help with sleep. It’s working for all of us. My dad is using it periodically during the day when he is having some pain to add with his CBD cream. He does not like to take pain pills because he is still active and this is a great alternative for him. Thanks Lavender Lane!!

    9. Calin P. (verified owner)

      For severe pain, this is the cure!

    10. Calin P. (verified owner)

      For severe pain, this is the cure!

    11. Linda T. (verified owner)

      I have purchased this a few times. It helps me with anxiety

    12. Linda T. (verified owner)

      I have purchased this a few times. It helps me with anxiety

    13. LizzyBear D. (verified owner)

      I got this for someone else, and she hasn’t tried it yet. Will let you know when she does

    14. LizzyBear D. (verified owner)

      I got this for someone else, and she hasn’t tried it yet. Will let you know when she does

    15. Mary Ellen L (verified owner)

      This product is wonderful, It helps me to relax and sleep through the night.

    16. Mary Ellen L (verified owner)

      This product is wonderful, It helps me to relax and sleep through the night.

    17. Mark L. (verified owner)

      This is a great product for calming and discomfort. But, but I mostly use for arthritis and multiple types of headaches. I don’t get migraines, but should be good for some relief. Great products. They have so many different, awesome and unique products. I have to keep going back, not only for unique and informative conversations but the awesome products.
      Keep it up Joe and Courtney. ☺️

    18. Abby S. (verified owner)

      Absolutely love this product. It’s been helping me calm down and relax when I am stressed or anxious.

    19. Abby S. (verified owner)

      Absolutely love this product. It’s been helping me calm down and relax when I am stressed or anxious.

    20. Susan E. (verified owner)

      As always, Lavender Lane does not disappoint. I have trouble falling asleep, and this helps me relax.

    21. Susan E. (verified owner)

      As always, Lavender Lane does not disappoint. I have trouble falling asleep, and this helps me relax.

    22. Mary C. (verified owner)

      I put this in a cream and use it everyday. To help with my back pain and achy joints.

    23. Mary C. (verified owner)

      I put this in a cream and use it everyday. To help with my back pain and achy joints.

    24. Elizabeth G. (verified owner)

      This is a lovely tincture that has made difference for my sleep! Very mild taste with no heavy bitterness, just a lingering floral flavor from the lavender. I will happily continue to support this small family owned bus with excellent customer service.

    25. Elizabeth G. (verified owner)

      This is a lovely tincture that has made difference for my sleep! Very mild taste with no heavy bitterness, just a lingering floral flavor from the lavender. I will happily continue to support this small family owned bus with excellent customer service.

    26. Mary H. (verified owner)

      I love these drops! I have tried other CBD products without the addition of Lavender. The Lavender definitely enhances the effect of the tincture. I am glad I ordered 2

    27. Mary H. (verified owner)

      I love these drops! I have tried other CBD products without the addition of Lavender. The Lavender definitely enhances the effect of the tincture. I am glad I ordered 2

    28. Marina B. (verified owner)

      This product is amazing. LOVE IT. Shipping was done very quickly, first time having product sshipped. Arrive sooner than my expectation.

    29. Marina B. (verified owner)

      This product is amazing. LOVE IT. Shipping was done very quickly, first time having product sshipped. Arrive sooner than my expectation.

    30. Cecelia B (verified owner)

      I am on my third order from Lavender Lane. I am very satisfied with this product. I have severe back problems and I use the Tincture and the lotion. It helps with the pain.

    31. Alicia R. (verified owner)

      I use this daily for arthritis pain! It definitely helps me get through the day & night! Can be used topically too!

    32. Marina B. (verified owner)

      Love this product. My sister in law uses it now, just ordered it for my daughter too. I haven’t ever slept so well. AMAZING

    33. Catherine M. (verified owner)

      I have been in constant pain for years! I was hesitant, but willing to try anything. After a week of your CBD tincture, I can move and sleep, and function! Thank you!

    34. Mary Ann D. (verified owner)

      This is my second order for these products. Helping with pain from knee replacement surgery as much better alternative than opioids

    35. Carrie G. (verified owner)

      I took this after my shoulder surgery as it was suggested by my massage therapist. It really helped me be able to relax and sleep. After shoulder surgery it is very difficult to get comfortable to sleep, in a recliner, at least it was for me, and this helped me stay comfortable in that darn recliner. I didn’t realize I was going to have to sleep in the recliner for weeks this is a great product and I would highly recommend it.

    36. Cynthia M. (verified owner)

      Really helps me sleep well through the entire night. Highly recommend this for sleep issues!

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  • Hemp+ Oil (450mg - 1,000mg Tincture)

    CBD Oil Tincture (450mg – 1,000mg Tincture)

    Select options
    Hemp+ Oil (450mg - 1,000mg Tincture)

    CBD Oil Tincture (450mg – 1,000mg Tincture)


    Our Hemp+ tincture is an effective and natural alternative for pain relief, muscle spasms, sleeplessness and anxiety*! If you are suffering from whole body pain/discomfort, anxiety or sleeplessness then this is great natural alternative*. It can also cut your post-workout recovery time in half!*


    We add this full-spectrum hemp extract to Organic MCT Oil, derived from organically grown coconuts. MCT oil allows for quicker absorption into your body than other oils and is keto-friendly! This tincture is virtually tasteless.

    15 reviews for CBD Oil Tincture (450mg – 1,000mg Tincture)

    1. Judy M. (verified owner)

      I started CBD oil 2 wks ago. I feel better but have a long way to go for pain relief of Sciatica and back pain. Hopefully it will increase my relief in upcoming weeks.

    2. Michelle (verified owner)

      This product helps my arthritis tremendously. It helps me when I’m stressed, overwhelmed, can’t sleep, and at many more times. Works very well! Happy with my purchase. I’ll be back for more!

    3. Nancy M. (verified owner)

      Love it

    4. Hillary V. (verified owner)


    5. patricia t. (verified owner)

      Love this product

    6. Michelle R. (verified owner)

      Such a great small business- glad I found Lavender Lane

    7. Judy T. (verified owner)

      Judy Toth

    8. April E. (verified owner)

      This oil helps me relax at night to get a great nights sleep!! I have used it nightly and never disappoints. Thank you Lavender Kane for the most amazing CBD products!

    9. Jamie S. (verified owner)

      This CBD has been so great for me. I’ve had issues with social anxiety for a few years now and this absolutely helps take the edge off and calms my mind and body down. I’ve bought this item more times than I can count. I owe a huge thanks to the owner for this product and will continue to buy.

    10. KC M. (verified owner)

      This is their perfect amount of CBD oil with a hint of THC. It completely calms and the business is very responsive and helpful. I had an item missing in a package and they worked very quickly to get the problem resolved. It was my second time ordering from them and won’t be the last.

    11. Cassandra (verified owner)

      This tincture has genuinely, significantly improved my quality of life. I have newer day to day anxiety and trouble sleeping, and this has been my favourite CBD product I’ve tried so far. It dulls my anxiety a lot, and helps me to sleep through the night. As a disclaimer: I do take more than recommended on the bottle (adjusted to my personal preference) and if I take too much it does make me very tired- I would not recommend driving after taking this product. They also send a small satchel of dried lavender with the order- such a nice touch, I love it. I let all of my friends know about this product and company. Thanks!

    12. April E. (verified owner)

      Love the CBD tincture. Helps me relax and go to sleep

    13. Angeline O. (verified owner)

      Yeah! Best ever. Ordered previously and had to get another bottle. I have aches and pains and it helps me get a better nights sleep. Love it!

    14. Marina B. (verified owner)

      I love this product, it helps to relax so I can fall asleep. Shared with friends and family they use it now too.

    15. Tina S. (verified owner)

      Lavender Lane is always timely and I love their products ❤️
      Tina Stamper

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  • Hemp+ 50mg Lavender Roll-On

    Lavender CBD Roll-On

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    Hemp+ 50mg Lavender Roll-On

    Lavender CBD Roll-On


    This Hemp roll-on helps alleviate headaches, pain, anxiety and sleeplessness when applied to forehead and temples. It may also help with joint pain, inflammation and arthritis when applied to the body.*


    We add full-spectrum hemp extract to Organic Sunflower Seed Oil that is infused with organic arnica, calendula, chamomile and lavender. These herbs are well-known for their muscle relieving and skin-improving attributes*; many people report that these herbs help with eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis!*


    Our herb-infused Hemp Roll-On is small enough to bring with you wherever you go and powerful enough to alleviate most bodily discomfort!*

    44 reviews for Lavender CBD Roll-On

    1. Trinity C. (verified owner)

      I have insomnia due to PTSD and chronic migraine. I don’t like taking all kinds of different medications. This roll-on allows me to get actual sleep! Amazing product! Will be ordering again!

    2. Christina R. (verified owner)

      Works great! Helps ease pain quickly! Smells great!

    3. karen b. (verified owner)

      Quick delivery and I’m very pleased with the product I will be ordering other products thank you

    4. Diane P. (verified owner)

      This roll on works fast and relieves the pain in my knee very well. So easy to apply and the fragrance is good.

    5. Gina L. (verified owner)

      I take this with me EVERYWHERE! So convenient, I use it before I really need it for stress so I rarely get stressed anymore! I just love these products and this farm!

    6. Rebecca A. (verified owner)

      Works well for joint pain and I live that it’s portable! LOVE that my money goes to support a local, family business! Will purchase more as holiday gifts.

    7. Michelle (verified owner)

      I absolutely am obsessed with the scent. I carry this in my purse everyday, it’s just so convenient! This product relieves headaches in a minute, two minutes at most! Sometimes I use it on my arthritis and follow-up with the Lavender CBD Cream product. Really love these products and will continue to order as needed!

    8. Katie H. (verified owner)

      Works as advertised. Very happy I bought this.

    9. Lynda F. (verified owner)

      This pocket-size wonder is with me 24/7! I love it! I only regret not ordering more for stocking stuffers.

    10. Hillary V. (verified owner)

      Quick delivery! I love this roll-on for joint and muscle aches.

    11. Jennifer V. (verified owner)

      Love the scent and it helped with my headache when I rubbed it on my forehead, temples, and back of my neck. It’s very soothing.

    12. Calin P. (verified owner)

      Not greasy and smells great!

    13. Liz P. (verified owner)

      This is my favorite…..love!!

    14. April E. (verified owner)

      I carry this wonderful bottle in my purse and when my shoulders and neck get tense (which I have an issue where all the stress settles in my neck and shoulders), I roll this on and immediately have relief. I will be a forever customer. Their products are amazing!

    15. Troy S. (verified owner)

      My girlfriends anxiety has calm down amd she sleeps like a baby. Thank you

    16. Donna M. (verified owner)

      Love the smell and results

    17. Kerry V. (verified owner)

      I put this on my temples and wrists every night before I go to bed. The scent is soothing and helps me to get to sleep. I never want to be without it!

    18. Anne K. (verified owner)

      A wonderful product. Will purchase again!

    19. Carmella r. (verified owner)

      This product not only smells amazing but it really did take my headache away I was very impressed!!

    20. Susan T. (verified owner)

      I suffer from sinus headaches, I have applied this to my forehead, it has been helping relieve my pain and congestion.

    21. Linda T. (verified owner)

      Love this. It really helps me to fall asleep at night

    22. Mindy A. (verified owner)

      I LOVE this! I have been looking for something to help my shoulder and neck pain forever. This relaxes the muscles and it works really fast. I’ve had it for over a month and it is just amazing! The smell is also amazing! Thank you so much!!! I will definitely be buying more!

    23. Marla C. (verified owner)

      Love this product! I use this every evening at bed time and haven’t had a headache in the morning in a long time!

    24. Stephanie V. (verified owner)

      LOVE the Lavender Roll-On! Love that it is compact and goes on easily. The smell is calming and delightful! Bought one for myself and one for a gift! I was sadden when it accidentally fell and broke only a month after I received it because I know I could’ve gotten many months out of the roll-on!

    25. Mary C. (verified owner)

      I use this nightly on my shoulders and use a little on my face. I also order it for my son who uses it on his muscles after his work out.

    26. Kathy B. (verified owner)

      I have a significant amount of hip pain that wakes from a sound sleep at night. I don’t know why or how but this roll on works wonders for me. Better than the cream.

    27. Deb R. (verified owner)

      Love this cream. It is truly amazing. When I use it I am always impressed with the results, it works quick to alleviate any muscle tension or soreness!!

    28. Kathleen D. (verified owner)

      Instant relaxation! Love my Lavender and this roll-on is a must for these anxious times. I put it on my wrists and also my chest at night to breathe in and help me sleep. Great on small areas of pain too.

    29. Susan H. (verified owner)

      Love the calming scent of lavender and ease of using the roll on.

    30. Shantae B. (verified owner)

      I was having some serious pain in my wrist Dr couldn’t figure out what it was I didn’t want to take prescription drugs to manage the pain so a friend suggested I try hemp oils, she said her daughter had gotten her some lfrom Lavender Lane . I ordered it and I can’t live with out it now !! It’s the ONLY thing that helps the pain in my wrist . Plus ,I use it for so much more now like headaches, stressful tension in my shoulders and neck it works !!

    31. Kaye S. (verified owner)

      My second time buying this item. Love the smell at night to help me sleep. Non greasy smooth.

    32. Susan T. (verified owner)

      I am new to using this product but so far it has a calming effect and it does rub into the skin.

    33. Nancy M. (verified owner)

      Hands down a life saver for my husband he has an area in his lower back that when applied it really takes the pain away

    34. Gina T. (verified owner)

      this stuff smells AMAZING. it’s so relaxing. i love this, i really feel like it works almost instantly. i get frequent headaches and as soon as i feel one coming on, i apply this to my temples. it’s nice not to have to take a medication every time i have a headache now.

    35. Sheri D. (verified owner)

      Best EVER!! This really works for pain and I will order more. Thanks Lavender Lane! Top notch company! 10 stars!! ❤

    36. Leighanne R. (verified owner)

      Absolutely love this product. Eases wrist pain and smells lovely. It’s the 2nd one I’ve purchased.

    37. Cynthia B. (verified owner)

      Great product!

    38. Janet K. (verified owner)

      Really like that I can take it with me and it sure helps

    39. Rebecca L. (verified owner)

      I’m loving the Lavender CBD roll-on. I gifted 1 of the roll-on, 1 to 2 of my daughters, they love it as well, one of my daughters said they were going to be reordering once hers runs out. She states it truly helps her relax and get to sleep faster.

    40. Diane M. (verified owner)

      I use this all the time! Helps with sore muscles after exercise and tmj pain. Calms things down to help me sleep better.

    41. David W. (verified owner)

      This place is amazing. Luv the roll-on, it really works great, my wife luvs it and helps her with hives and skin condition.

    42. Robin C. (verified owner)

      First time purchase but really love it!

    43. Patricia O. (verified owner)

      So far, 4 out of 5 times this has worked for me when I wake up at 5:30 and want to go back to sleep. A few swipes on my forehead and the smell relaxes me.

    44. Katharine S. (verified owner)

      Love it. Perfect to carry all the time.

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  • CBD Soaking Salts

    Select options

    CBD Soaking Salts


    This is a wonderful infusion, needing just 3 scoops per use. We included a wooden scooper in each jar. To top it off, we emulsified this blend so that the oils disperse into the water- instead of them floating on the surface.

    Each jar contains a whopping 500mg of CBD, good for at least 12 uses. We recommend giving this a try before bedtime.

    Meet the ingredients👇

    Lavender Lullaby

    Himalayan Pink Salt

    Epsom Salt

    Lavender Essential Oil

    Cedarwood Essential Oil

    500mg Full Spectrum CBD extract

    Breathe Easy

    Himalayan Pink Salt

    Epsom Salt

    Eucalyptus Essential Oil

    Peppermint Essential Oil

    500mg Full Spectrum CBD extract

    Nt. Wt. 10 oz


    There are no reviews yet.

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  • Hemp+ 450 Pet Tincture (Bacon Flavor)

    Pet CBD Oil Tincture (Bacon Flavor)

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    Hemp+ 450 Pet Tincture (Bacon Flavor)

    Pet CBD Oil Tincture (Bacon Flavor)


    This is identical to our regular hemp tincture for humans, but with the addition of all-natural bacon flavor.

    This is a more cost-effective alternative to hemp-infused dog treats. Each unit contains 450 mg of full-spectrum hemp oil.


    • Pain
    • Sleeplessness
    • Tension
    • Anxiety
    • Hyperactivity
    • Depression

    4 reviews for Pet CBD Oil Tincture (Bacon Flavor)

    1. Bobbie Z.

      The CBD oil I purchased for my 11 year old chihuahua has her acting like a puppy again! She used to have a problem with her eating, that seems to have disappeared since I started using the oil. I’ve also used their soap and bought a bunch of Lavendar at their recent festival! Everything is top notch quality!

    2. Angeline O.

      Love it! Works better than any other calming product I’ve tried. Couple drops is all she needs and she calms down.

    3. Elisa B.

      My Ten year old Maltese suffers from anxiety. This was an effective and safe alternative to other medications. He likes the bacon taste (a bonus).

    4. Alicia R

      Helps to relieve pain & anxiety in my older dog. After I give it to her she stops moaning from her pain

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