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  • Organic All-Purpose Cleaner (Lavender Hydrosol)

    Organic All-Purpose Cleaner (Lavender Hydrosol)

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    Organic All-Purpose Cleaner (Lavender Hydrosol)

    Organic All-Purpose Cleaner (Lavender Hydrosol)


    15 Incredible uses in 1 bottle:

    1. Disinfectant and cleaner of all hard surfaces
    2. Streak-free window, mirror & glass cleaner
    3. Mildew preventative for showers & curtains
    4. No residue cleaner of fine jewelry and digital screens
    5. Removes water spots and finger prints from stainless steel
    6. Discourages fruit flies and ants around counters and sinks
    7. Natural solvent for removal of oily substances from kitchen
    8. Effective room mist for aromatherapy
    9. Rinses, cleans, and promotes rapid healing of skin abrasions.
    10. Soothes skin suffering from sun/wind burn, eczema, dryness
    11. Particularly useful in healing and preventing diaper rashes.
    12. Calming for irritable infants when used as a room or car spray.
    13. Safe as a pet spray, discouraging them from itching hot spots.
    14. Superior replacement for/addition to distilled water for ironing
    15. Extraordinarily effective plant spray, helping rid them of pests.

    (it also leaves an amazing, lingering scent of lavender)

    2 reviews for Organic All-Purpose Cleaner (Lavender Hydrosol)

    1. Tiffany D.

      First time using this and it’s wonderful! So many uses and smells great. So far I’ve used it for cleaning on my counters tops, cabinets, in the bathrooms, washed my fruits and veggies.

    2. Jeanne L.

      Great cleaner . I’ve been using it all over the house and have had great results.

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  • All-Natural Laundry Detergent

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    All-Natural Laundry Detergent


    5 stain fighting natural ingredients safe for your family and straight from the earth!  Just 1 tablespoon of our Laundry Powder deep cleans and deodorizes 1 load of clothing. Great for sensitive skin, the environment, and most fabrics excluding silk and leather.

    Ingredients: Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Sulfate, Sodium Borate, Sea Salt

    Pair with our Lavender Dryer Bags for a natural and fresh lavender scent!


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    • Linen + Body Spray

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      Linen + Body Spray


      Freshen up your linens and body with this light + hypoallergenic lavender mist! Ideal when used after bathing/showering and before applying lotion. (8 fl.oz)

      Hydrates + tones + tightens skin!

      30 reviews for Linen + Body Spray

      1. STAN S. (verified owner)

        Spraying the bed cover with this, enables me to sleep more soundly! Worth every penny!

      2. Ginger L. (verified owner)

        Beautiful, fresh like a spring linen & body spray !

      3. Jasmine (verified owner)

        So effective as a sleep aid! Heavenly scent. Thank you!

      4. Gina L. (verified owner)

        Smells so great. I use it after I bathe, before applying moisturizer. Really helps hydrate my skin before their lotion seals it in!

      5. Katie H. (verified owner)

        I use this before bed. Lovely scent!

      6. Grace Heller G. (verified owner)

        The linen-body mist is wonderful! I spray my bedding and it helps me sleep better.

      7. Calin P. (verified owner)

        Makes doing laundry enjoyable. Very light, crisp, and relaxing. All my linen smells phenomenal!

      8. Jennifer H. (verified owner)

        This is by far my favorite product. I love getting into bed to the smell of fresh lavender. This is a product that will surely get reordered time and time again.

      9. Lisa L. (verified owner)

        Beautiful little pick me up. I sprayed all over myself

      10. Sandy E. (verified owner)

        Love it misted on our pillows at bedtime! Breathe deep and you will rest well.

      11. DHK Animal Rescue (verified owner)

        Loved shopping in the store today! I can’t wait for my 14 plants grow and produce flowers! Also, the hand wash is fantastic! I love the CBD cream as well! I had a bad pain in my thumb of all places today with swelling-coincidence that it settled down after using the cream? I don’t think so! Joe was very helpful in helping me with selecting my plants and figuring out which plants would work best in my garden. Thank u again, Joe and good luck on your grand opening tomorrow! New customer for life!

      12. Pamela Jane W. (verified owner)

        Excellent! I would purchase this again.

      13. Lesley N. (verified owner)

        I love this spray! i’m addicted and have to spay on my pillow every-night. It totally relaxes me. Thank you! I’m going to order some gifts for my mom for Mother’s Day!

      14. Sharon P. (verified owner)

        I love the Linen+Body Mist!!! I spray on our bed linens at night and in the morning.It helps me have a good nights sleep.
        I also like to use it as a body spray to feel fresh!Wonderful product.Thank you!

      15. michelle z. (verified owner)

        Love it …every night I spray on my legs and off to sweet dreams

      16. Michelle C. (verified owner)

        Love!! Smells amazing!! Works great on my dry legs.

      17. Jena H. (verified owner)

        Very nice. Your products are by far the best lavender scented products.

      18. Bridget K. (verified owner)

        We love this!

      19. Valerie M. (verified owner)

        I can’t live without this….. I love this product. I spray it everywhere, bedding, chairs, couch, dog bed, cat boxes, shoes, kids backpacks. Has such a fresh lavender smell. Thank you for this awesome product. Keep doing what you do so well.
        Val Moran

      20. Diane M. (verified owner)

        I use this every time I make the bed. Especially on the pillows. Nice scent. Not too strong.

      21. Jeanne L. (verified owner)

        Love this mist. I use it all over the house and when I’m ironing. Not strong just right.

      22. Diane M. (verified owner)

        I use this everyday when I make the bed. A little goes a long way, excellent scent.

      23. Peggy M. (verified owner)

        I love it . Smells so good . Like to spray on my bedding just before going to bed . Peggy Murdock

      24. Susan A. (verified owner)

        We are loving the delicate scent of this mist. It is so subtle and the lightness of the scent freshens our rooms, leaving a just-laundered aroma to everything! No heavy perfumes here! We love it!

      25. Jodi K. (verified owner)

        Love having this fresh picked lavender mist in my home. I use it daily on my bedroom linens to help me sleep!
        Thank You

      26. Julieanne V. (verified owner)

        Love it it calms me and relaxes me recommend it

      27. Jeanne L. (verified owner)

        These are great for all around the house or on you. I love using it on my ironing.

      28. Tiffany D. (verified owner)

        My favorite product. I keep multiple bottle throughout the house. One in the bedroom for on the bedsheets before bed, one in the bathroom for after shower body spray, one in the kids rooms bc they insist on having their sheets and clothes sprayed too!

      29. Kelly W. (verified owner)


      30. Donna B. (verified owner)

        I use it on my sheets so that at night I can sleep well

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    • Lavender Essential Oil

      Lavender Essential Oil

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      Lavender Essential Oil

      Lavender Essential Oil


      100% pure lavender essential oil. Apply topically (directly or diluted), or use with your favorite essential oil diffuser to enjoy aromatherapy benefits. Lavender oil is amazing on its own and mixes well with many other essential oils.

      18 reviews for Lavender Essential Oil

      1. Jeanne L.

        Wonderful I love all the lavender supplies.
        Will use them all the time

      2. Diane L.

        It is great to add to your potpourri. The fragrance is mellow and lasting.

      3. Mary M.

        Great oil. Always happy with these products.

      4. Jeanne L.

        I love it it’s in my humidifier my house smells clean so heavenly

      5. Anna G.

        Been buying essential oil for years, this is by far the “freshest” smelling. I have bought 3 for birthday gifts. My new source for lavender essential oil.

      6. Nancy M

        So much better than any other lavender essential oil I’ve ever had. You only need a little!

      7. Sonja O.

        I studied Aromatherapy and know that the quality of an essential oul is important. The lavender oil of lavender lane folliws high quality standards. The other deciding factor in an oils effiacy is its origin. I live in Michigan amd so it would make sense that a lavender oil from plants grown in Michigan would be highly effective for me. The essential oil of lavender from lavender lane is my first choice.

      8. Susan B.

        Wonderful oil- pure natural fragrance! Shipped SOOO fast! Love!

      9. Darleen O.

        For to recent stresses, my cystic able had been flaring up. I miss a few drops of lavender with a tea tree & hemp oil I have and it cleared them up in 1/2 the time. Wonderful scent & great quality oil.

      10. Margret B.

        Use it every night in my diffuser.

      11. Diane M.

        This smells so much better than any I’ve ever bought in a store! A little goes a long way! Love it!

      12. Terri R.

        I’m so excited that I found Lavender Lane. I love their products, and have used many. The lavender oil is wonderful, and it is a quality product. It’s strong & effective.

      13. mark l.

        This is awesome. Just a couple drops and it takes you away.

      14. Cindy H.

        This Lavender oil is so true to the scent. It is a soft floral lavender that is not overpowering. I Love it!

      15. Margret B.

        Use it nightly. Aids in falling asleep

      16. Alice S.

        Thank you for your Lavender Essential Oil. I like running my diffuser with the oil after a full work day. I run it for 3-4 hours before bed in our main living space to relax our tension and bring a fresh scent to our home. It is long lasting as one tank last two days in our home and the lavender smell is consistent for two days as well. I love your products!

      17. Noura B.

        This is by far the best lavender essential oil I’ve ever purchased, and I’ve purchased a lot. It is incredibly fresh and pure…so clean. I always buy several to give as gifts and people love them!

      18. Sandra A.

        Very good product. You can tell from other lavender products how pure it is. Highly recommended.

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    • Dried Lavender Bundle

      Dried Lavender Bundle

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      Dried Lavender Bundle

      Dried Lavender Bundle


      “Grosso” variety of lavender. It is a beautiful blue color with buds that are aromatic and release more oils when touched! Holds its color, scent and form for up to 4 years! Looks great as a dried floral arrangement all on its own! Unlike other flowers, lavender never rots or goes to waste!

      Striking appearance when bundled with wheat or baby’s breath!

      20 reviews for Dried Lavender Bundle

      1. Kimberly M. (verified owner)

        Beautiful and well worth the price!

      2. Miha P (verified owner)

        Received this 2 days after placing my order and absolutely love it! Smells so delicious and looks so beautiful on my tv table. Great purchase…will definitely be back for more!

      3. Tressa S. (verified owner)

        Smell and look amazing

      4. Susan B. (verified owner)

        Quick to ship! Bundle arrived perfectly intact! The fragrance is wonderful!

      5. Calin P. (verified owner)

        Smells great for months!!!

      6. Shelley F. (verified owner)

        Thank you so much for the beautiful dried lavender bunches. I could smell it as I opened the box! It was exactly what I wanted!

      7. Lisa L. (verified owner)

        So beautiful and fragrant

      8. Jocelyn V. (verified owner)

        Love it

      9. Mary B. (verified owner)

        Was happy to order my lavender bundle, along with soap and antibacterial lavender spray and also a dozen mixed Lavender plants. All received on great order. Will definitely order again. Very nice owners as well.

      10. Tom S. (verified owner)

        Great service and speedy delivery. Loved the personal note in my order!

      11. mark l. (verified owner)

        Added another to the house

      12. mark l. (verified owner)

        These dried flower bundles are super fragrant and so nice for decorating.

      13. Savannah F. (verified owner)

        I loved what I got and it was amazing. It smelled so good and I gave it as a gift and the person loved it. Thank you guys so much and I will be ordering again soon.

      14. Elizabeth Reyes-Nightingale (verified owner)

        Beautiful as always. I use this to make magic in my business, everyone always compliments the lavender. Nice packing, quick shipment, lovely customer service, and amazing scent from the lavender. Will continue ordering.

      15. Patty V. (verified owner)

        So happy I added this to my order 🙂 ENJOYED the Sale!

      16. Peggy M. (verified owner)

        Love my bundle of dried lavender . Trying to decide what arrangement to put it with . Peggy Murdock

      17. Susan A. (verified owner)

        It is lovely having this bundle in our home! Your online photo showed the lavender bundle in a pitcher with wheat shafts and that is exactly how I arranged mine. I have a beautiful, simple pitcher that was my Mom’s that I just adore. Rather than being stored away, it is now the home of the lavender bundle. Looks great, smells wonderful!!! And…your wrapping/packaging of ordered items is just beautiful – so tasteful, so elegant – and the little sachet bag is totally unexpected and a delightful surprise!! Thank you…for so much attention to detail!!

      18. Julieanne V. (verified owner)

        Loved it. Large bundle and fragrant

      19. Wagenhauserser S. (verified owner)

        Absolutely beautiful. Smells amazing and shipped well!

      20. Rita D. (verified owner)

        The entire order was a pleasant surprise for my daughter-in-law who is quite the gardener herself, it arrived with beautiful lavender bundles and a candle and sachets. She loved it all.

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    • Lavender Dryer Bags

      Lavender Dryer Bags

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      Lavender Dryer Bags

      Lavender Dryer Bags


      Looking for an alternative to unnatural chemicals used to scent your clothing? These lavender dryer bags are good for 10-12 loads each!

      When aroma is spent, sprinkle onto carpets and vacuum lavender buds up to deodorize the carpet and the vacuum. Better yet, add a few drops of our lavender essential oil to each bag and keep reusing them as dryer bags!

      15 reviews for Lavender Dryer Bags

      1. Pam (verified owner)

        These are the best. They make your laundry smell so wonderful. I have used them a long time and shared with all of my friends. They love them as well. Lavender Lane is great and have many great lavender products. Highly recommend.

      2. Angel F. (verified owner)

        Used these instead of dryer sheets and clothes felt soft with a touch of lavender.

      3. Danielle Grosso (verified owner)

        I just tried these dryer bags two days ago and I can’t stop talking about how amazing they are! Not only do my towels smell fresh, but my entire outdoor patio smelled like lavender when I used them! I’m very particular about the chemicals that I use in cleaning and laundering products (and traditional dryer sheets are one of the worst in terms of synthetics and chemicals,) so I couldn’t be happier to find this alternative (that seems to work better.)

      4. Ester V. (verified owner)

        Great lavender scent. Leaves clothes fluffy, too.

      5. Bonnie C. (verified owner)

        Such a pleasant scent! Love them.

      6. Susan E. (verified owner)

        Used this when drying my sheets and comforter. Dreamy!!

      7. Margret B (verified owner)

        Love these bags. Laundry smells wonderful

      8. mark l. (verified owner)

        Can’t wait yo use these. Love the smells

      9. Gina T.

        these are nice in the dryer and make my clothes smell good. love that you can deodorize your carpet and vacuum when they are spent… two birds with one stone! very reasonable price too.

      10. Holly M.

        I absolutely love these! Leaves the perfect amount of scent.

      11. Julieanne V.

        Love these makes my clothes smell wonderful and the dryer too.

      12. Kris V.

        I love how the dryer bags freshen my laundry without having to use fabric softener or dryer sheets! Everything smells wonderful, and no extra chemicals required!

      13. Betsy G.

        This is a great addition to dryer balls and really helps keep vacuum fresh when used on carpet.

      14. Wagenhauserser S.

        The dryer bags are great! My sheets smell wonderful!

      15. Susan T.

        I just started using their dryer bags in my laundry,oh that smell in my laundry room and clothes is so nice.

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    • Lavender Sachets (2-pack)

      Lavender Sachets (2-pack)

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      Lavender Sachets (2-pack)

      Lavender Sachets (2-pack)


      These lavender sachets make a perfect gift or addition to any drawer, car, luggage, gym bag, or golf bag!

      The aroma lasts for many months! Simply squeeze periodically to release more scent.

      Ships in enclosed container to maintain freshness and aroma.

      12 reviews for Lavender Sachets (2-pack)

      1. Diane L.

        Truly the most fragrant sachets that I have ever purchased. Love them!!

      2. Netta P.

        Gradually. Great for linen and lingerie drawers.

      3. CLAUDE P.

        A superb quality ! Its perfume floats in my pantry; just rub the bag every once in a while to release its perfume.
        And it lasts more than a year too !
        I just love any lavender product coming from Lavender Lane, for its quality!

      4. Barbara J.

        Smells wonderful and very calming.

      5. Mark L.

        Use these to keep the pooches out of the furniture. They don’t like the smell, but it makes the room smell great

      6. Lisa L.

        You can never have enough of these. I put one in my car over my vents and in my drawers and closet.

      7. valerie g.

        Sachets remind me of my grandmother. I love the smell so much, I have all four of them on my desk while I’m working at home… the smell brings me joy.

      8. Mary G.

        My drawers smell fantastic!! Love the real lavender smell, no imitation here!

      9. Susan H.

        just what I was looking for. Beautiful!

      10. Abby S.

        Smells awesome! Absolutely love it!

      11. Arlene

        So fragrant. Scent lasts for a very long time.

      12. Mark L.

        Our Maltipoo loves the smell but Kees her distance, it puts her to sleep. Make everything just smell so darn fresh. Great products.

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    • Lavender Cocktail Picks

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      Lavender Cocktail Picks


      Culinary Lavender Picks grown, harvested and packed right on our Michigan Lavender farm! These beautiful culinary varieties are perfect to pretty up any dish as a garnishment and add an exquisite floral taste to any

      • baked goods
      • fruit and meat kabobs
      • cocktails
      • appetizers

      (~50) 5 1/2 inch  lavender picks in each tin container.


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    • Lavender-Wheat Bouquet

      Lavender-Wheat Bouquet

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      Lavender-Wheat Bouquet

      Lavender-Wheat Bouquet


      Get a jump on beautiful fall décor with this timeless pairing. A giant bundle of deep blue lavender with golden wheat offers a sophisticated pop of color to the home. Lasts 4+ years without fading if kept out of direct sunlight!

      2 reviews for Lavender-Wheat Bouquet

      1. Kimberly P.

        Beautiful, aromatic, just as pictured, would definitely buy again.

      2. Susan H.

        5 stars. Looks just like the picture advertised. Arrived quickly, well packaged and bouquet is intact. Smells lovely, looks beautiful. Worth the $.

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