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  • 3-in-1 Healing CBD Paw Balm

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    3-in-1 Healing CBD Paw Balm


    • Natural and nontoxic formula made with natural oils and butters plus pet-safe essential oils.
    • Provides instant relief from dry, cracked and callused skin and may help prevent bleeding, chapping, cracking, infections and ulcers with regular use.
    • Absorbs quickly to help protect paws from the elements and environment.
    • Specially formulated to help ease and soften your pup’s skin, nose and paws.
    • 250mg full-spectrum CBD

    Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Botanical Infusion (arnica, calendula, chamomile, lavender), Organic Shea Butter, Organic Sunflower Wax, Essential Oil Blend (Black Spruce, Cedarwood, Lavender, Orange).


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  • Mosquito + Tick Repellent

    Mosquito + Tick Repellent

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    Mosquito + Tick Repellent

    Mosquito + Tick Repellent


    A staple on the farm, providing hours of natural relief from biting and sucking insects. Specially formulated to be very effective against mosquitoes and ticks, our insect repellent smells like a bouquet of geranium flowers with notes of citronella. It even acts as a deep skin moisturizer!

    NOT greasy or oily

    100% DEET Free

    17 reviews for Mosquito + Tick Repellent

    1. Donna B. (verified owner)

      This stuff is great at repelling and smells like lemongrass. Sprayed around open window and mosquitoes did not come in.

    2. Heather P. (verified owner)

      Excellent product. Great smell, works well.

    3. Liz D. (verified owner)

      Smells good, and works for mosquitoes…..but not so good so far on biting flies!

    4. Loren (verified owner)

      After receiving our mosquito and tick repellent we used in on a camping trip on a river. It gave us great coverage and smells wonderful! I am so happy with the purchase and will be buying again!

    5. Denise H. (verified owner)

      Love the smell and it works great!

    6. Linda J. (verified owner)

      I purchased this product to take to the campgrounds. I really dislike the chemicals in the store bought products. I truly like your products so I decided to try this. Everyone I shared it with kept asking where did I get it. It smells great. it does not leave your skin feeling gross. It out performs every thing else. Thank you for your outstanding products!!!!!

    7. Joyce H. (verified owner)

      Based on using twice, this kept golf course bugs off. Pleasant smell.

    8. Laura B. (verified owner)

      Absolutely love this tick and mosquito spray! I live next to an open field and have found several ticks on me. Since using this spray I have found no ticks on me. Highly recommended this product!!

    9. Allison B. (verified owner)

      Yes! A mosquito and bug repellant can smell good and not smell repellent! It works for me outside from dawn to dusk, and inside it kills gnats and fruit flies that hover over my plants. Worth every penny that supports a small local business.

    10. Sharon R. (verified owner)

      It really works! I’ve used it camping. I’ve used for yard work. And I’ve used it playing sand volleyball.
      I gave a bottle to a friend to try.

    11. Susan A. (verified owner)

      Oh my gosh, I’ve been meaning to write you a note of thanks, but I’ve been too busy….in my backyard…NOT getting eaten by mosquitos!! Prior to purchase, we were not enjoying the lovely, beautiful summer outdoors because of the ferocious appetite of huge mosquitos. We now keep a bottle of spray at each door to use right before we step outside and…voila! We are once again playing in our yard, reading in the canopy and almost, almost enjoying weeding. No longer are we the all-you-can-eat buffet for mosquitos!! Thank you, thank you for this product!!

    12. Greg C. (verified owner)

      Product works well and smells great with fast shipping. Thank you!

    13. Stephanie A. (verified owner)

      Wonderful mosquito spray. It really works and smells fantastic.

    14. Anne M. (verified owner)

      The ABSOLUTE best! I usually get eaten alive and now with this spray I can sit outside unbothered

    15. Ken Z. (verified owner)

      Solid product. Very effective for mosquitoes and ticks in the country.

    16. Tracey V. (verified owner)

      Very happy with the mosquito & tick repellent has a good smell & is not oily like other brands & love that it does not contain all of the harsh chemicals.

    17. Mark L. (verified owner)

      My dogs love it and makes the biting flies keep their distance. Awesome product.

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  • Hemp+ 450 Pet Tincture (Bacon Flavor)

    Pet CBD Oil Tincture (Bacon Flavor)

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    Hemp+ 450 Pet Tincture (Bacon Flavor)

    Pet CBD Oil Tincture (Bacon Flavor)


    This is identical to our regular hemp tincture for humans, but with the addition of all-natural bacon flavor.

    This is a more cost-effective alternative to hemp-infused dog treats. Each unit contains 450 mg of full-spectrum hemp oil.


    • Pain
    • Sleeplessness
    • Tension
    • Anxiety
    • Hyperactivity
    • Depression

    4 reviews for Pet CBD Oil Tincture (Bacon Flavor)

    1. Bobbie Z.

      The CBD oil I purchased for my 11 year old chihuahua has her acting like a puppy again! She used to have a problem with her eating, that seems to have disappeared since I started using the oil. I’ve also used their soap and bought a bunch of Lavendar at their recent festival! Everything is top notch quality!

    2. Angeline O.

      Love it! Works better than any other calming product I’ve tried. Couple drops is all she needs and she calms down.

    3. Elisa B.

      My Ten year old Maltese suffers from anxiety. This was an effective and safe alternative to other medications. He likes the bacon taste (a bonus).

    4. Alicia R

      Helps to relieve pain & anxiety in my older dog. After I give it to her she stops moaning from her pain

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  • Tick Armor Dog Shampoo | Pet Shampoo

    Tick Armor Dog Shampoo

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    Tick Armor Dog Shampoo | Pet Shampoo

    Tick Armor Dog Shampoo


    Crafted with essential oils proven to repel ticks, fleas, flies and biting insects. “Tick Armor” has the perfect amounts of geranium, lemongrass and tea tree to repel insects and leave your furry friend(s) coat full of shine and smelling great!

    2 reviews for Tick Armor Dog Shampoo

    1. Calin P.

      My dog loves baths now and as a bonus, she smells great!

    2. Mark L.

      Haven’t received this yet. But the dogs may not like but neither will the bugs.

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