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  • Botanical Hand Soap | Lavender Products

    Botanical Hand Soap

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    Botanical Hand Soap | Lavender Products

    Botanical Hand Soap


    Deliciously scented and ethically sourced, our hand soaps effectively cleanse the dirtiest of hands. Superior feeling product that does not over dry your hands.

    25 reviews for Botanical Hand Soap

    1. Alex G. (verified owner)

      This product is great!
      My toddlers love how it smells. Every time they are washing their hands, they just put their hands close to their nose to smell the lavender.
      It leaves the skin smooth, not dry like other hand soaps. Usually I have to apply hand cream every time I wash my hands. I’ve found that I do not feel the need to do that with this soap.
      Thank you for making a great product!

    2. Alex G. (verified owner)

      We were trying out different natural hand soaps and never quite found one that we really liked. We always felt that the other ones were too soluble (not thick enough) and we didn’t felt that our hands were clean after washing.
      Now that Lavender Lane have this product, we quickly ordered it and after trying it for about a week, we realized that this was the product we liked the most!
      One of my kids, he ALWAYS smell his hands while washing them with this soap. He loves the lavender smell. The product itself feels thick and oily enough to make you feel your hands are clean afterwards.’
      Thank you!!

    3. Elisa B. (verified owner)

      We absolutely love this product. The texture and fragrance are superior to the competition. I received as a gift. My husband commented on how impressed he was when he used it and I had to purchase and place in all of our bathrooms and the kitchen!

    4. Nancy M. (verified owner)

      The smell is wonderful!

    5. Calin P. (verified owner)

      Genuinely great quality. Only use a squirt, super potent and aroma forward. Years of using bad soap really makes this stand out as the best soap ever!

    6. Mark L. (verified owner)

      These smell so good and are definitely an unusual scent that is refreshing

    7. Mark L. (verified owner)

      I will say that I do like the scent and it cleanS well

    8. Samantha S. (verified owner)

      This soap feels and smells amazing. It’s not greasy or oily After rinse. And the soft smell lingers on your hands for hours after.Not only the soap but everything I’ve gotten from lavender lane has been perfect. Especially the lavender plants! These guys are great! Fast shipping. I knew I had a package from them right when I opened my mailbox because it smelled godly before the box was even opened! Looking forward to lavender fest 2020!

    9. Sandy E. (verified owner)

      This is the absolute best hand soap! My manicurist noticed how good my hands and nails looked after I stated using it daily.

    10. Pamela Jane W. (verified owner)

      Excellent although I feel the plastic cap should be pale green, white or pale lavender in color. The tangerine color needs to go. My 14 yrs old grandson even remarked how good the soap smells after he used it.

    11. Nadia L. (verified owner)

      Not only is the smell absolutely amazing, it doesn’t dry my hands out. It smells good to wash your hands!

    12. Kathy C. (verified owner)

      Softening and lovely scent.

    13. Michelle C. (verified owner)

      Smells great, makes my hands soft!!

    14. Phyllis W. (verified owner)

      Liked the old container better , don’t care for the orange …. But I like the soap

    15. Paula M. (verified owner)

      This is a nice light soap with a great Lavender orange scent. Very little needed to create a full lather.

    16. Mary M. (verified owner)

      great smelling soap works well I will buy more when I run out.

    17. Laura B. (verified owner)

      Absolutely love this new scent of liquid hand soap! Now I have 2 favorites: lavender lime and this one!

    18. Laura B. (verified owner)

      I love this new scent! I always purchased lavender lime in the past and decided to try this one. So glad I did!

    19. Janet H. (verified owner)

      love the botanical hand soaps.. !! of course have loved everything I have tried. getting ready to order some bug spray, it works so well and doesn’t leave the bug spray feel on your skin.

    20. Julieanne V. (verified owner)

      Fragrant and gentle on the hands

    21. Jennie (verified owner)

      I wish I lived closer to Lavender Lane!! Love all the products. I stock up when I order so I have a quick gift when I need them. Everyone who has received a gift from Lavender Lane always ask “Where did you buy this” Keep making such amazing products.
      Stay Safe!

    22. Sandra M. (verified owner)

      This hand soap is a family favorite! Fragrance is beautiful.

    23. Judy M. (verified owner)

      The best hand soap I’ve tried is this one from Lavender Lane!

    24. Judy M. (verified owner)

      Love this hand soap! All the varieties are wonderful.

    25. Rebecca K. (verified owner)

      This is a really great product! Smells wonderful and doesn’t leave heavy residue

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  • Foaming Hand Soap | Lavender Products

    Foaming Hand Soap

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    Foaming Hand Soap | Lavender Products

    Foaming Hand Soap


    Naturally-derived from coconuts and wonderfully scented with our farm-distilled lavender essential oil, our foaming hand soap is the perfect soap for kids and adults alike!


    Ingredients: Distilled Water, Decyl Glucoside, Pottasium Cocoate, Essential Oils of English and Intermedia Lavenders, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin.


    9 oz. Bottle

      14 reviews for Foaming Hand Soap

      1. Donna M. (verified owner)

        A great smelling hand soap and I love it!!

      2. Calin P. (verified owner)


      3. Diane L. (verified owner)

        So glad that you offer the foaming hand soap, love it. It is so fragrant!!

      4. Margret B. (verified owner)

        Nice smell. Not harsh like some of the commercial products.

      5. Mark L. (verified owner)

        Like this well. These days we are going through soaps and the variances of scents makes it not so boring to keep washing your hands.

      6. Lisa L. (verified owner)

        One of my favorite products

      7. Susan T. (verified owner)

        I love this soap, been using it for awhile now, we love it.

      8. Susan T. (verified owner)

        Smells wonderful, makes you happy to wash your hands more.

      9. Sue N. (verified owner)

        This Foaming Hand Soap is so luxurious and smells wonderful.

      10. Susan T. (verified owner)

        This foaming soap is so nice to use and it smells wonderful. I love all the products made by Lavender Lane.

      11. SUSAN T. (verified owner)

        I love this soap, it has such a soft lavender smell that people that have used it at my house always comment on how nice it smells and I can watch them minutes later still smelling their hands. It’s a lovely scent. Very soft soap!! Love it!!

      12. Nancy M. (verified owner)

        First time ordering this and we love it the smell is fantastic

      13. lydia l. (verified owner)

        I really enjoy this hand soap. I love using just before bed time. I will be buying more.

      14. Mark L. (verified owner)

        This is the 4th bottle. This soap make me want to keep washing my hands. I think it has a relaxing effect on us. But can’t get enough of the aromatics log the lavender.

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    • Soap Bar | Argan & Silk

      Soap Bar | Argan & Silk

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      Soap Bar | Argan & Silk

      Soap Bar | Argan & Silk


      Our creamiest, most luxurious lathering soap to-date


      Some benefits of this new bar soap:

      Moroccan Argan Oil promotes elasticity, reduces fine lines & wrinkles

      Silk Amino Acids impart smooth & silky feel to skin all day long

      Shea, Mango, Cocoa & Kokum Butters nourish & protect skin

      Aloe Vera hydrates and draws moisture from environment into skin

      10 reviews for Soap Bar | Argan & Silk

      1. Mark L. (verified owner)

        This is pretty much my favorite. Love the smell of lavender. Simple smells, and so fresh.

      2. Mark L. (verified owner)

        The smell almost good enough to taste. Don’t want to eat. These are awesome soaps.

      3. Mark L. (verified owner)

        The smell is out of the world. Feels good and cleans well.

      4. Mark L. (verified owner)

        Awesome. Great smells. Great texture and body

      5. Susan T. (verified owner)

        Just started using this soap and gave a bar away as a gift. Oh the lavender bar smells like heaven. It’s so soft and silky. Love it

      6. Kaya K. (verified owner)

        Smells wonderful !
        I also just got the apple maple one yesterday, which also smells great, like spiced apples.
        Can’t wait to use this soap!

      7. Sharon P. (verified owner)

        These soaps are great!The Apple Maple Bourbon leaves my skin feeling great and I love the scent.Excited for other scents to come back.

      8. Susan H. (verified owner)

        Smells lovely. It is (2) bars of soap and I considered the size adequate if not generous. I haven’t used it but by the texture I know it is quality soap and definitely worth the $. I will certainly purchase again from this local Michigan family owned/managed business.

      9. SBK Orthodontics (verified owner)

        We made a large order (85 soap bars) and it was ready for pick-up in just a couple of days! Pick-up in the store was easy and efficient. The inside of the store was super clean, well organized, and had lots of goodies to offer! All 85 soap bars smell and look amazing. Thank you Lavender Lane!

      10. Mark L. (verified owner)

        Lost one as soon as I walk into the door. Love the soap.

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    • Goat's Milk | Soap Bar

      Goat’s Milk | Soap Bar

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      Goat's Milk | Soap Bar

      Goat’s Milk | Soap Bar


      An all-natural soap that truly cleanses without leaving your skin too dry. Goats milk provides nourishment and is rich in Vitamins A, C and E .

      22 reviews for Goat’s Milk | Soap Bar

      1. Jess Wood (verified owner)

        I love this soap. I use it on my self and kids. Both of my kids have very sensitive skin and this softens their skin they don’t even need lotion .. I love this soap

      2. Angel F. (verified owner)

        Love this soap. Makes skin feel super soft!

      3. Jeanne L. (verified owner)

        I really like soap will be using it forever. Makes your skin soft

      4. Sheryl B. (verified owner)

        Love it will be buying more.

      5. Sheri B. (verified owner)

        Amazing product

      6. Monica B. (verified owner)

        Love, love their Lavender Goat’s Milk Soap. It’s natural, lasts a long time and I get compliments on my skin – people ask what I use and I tell them where to get it.
        Thank you!

      7. Sheri B. (verified owner)

        Love love love

      8. Paula G. (verified owner)


      9. Michael S. (verified owner)

        The goat’s milk soap works great for my eczema and really lathers up. Soap has a pleasant smell but not to strong. The soap came within a few days and was about the same price as Amazon (due to shipping costs). I strongly recommend Lavender Lane and their products.

      10. Lynda F. (verified owner)

        Love this soap! I bought originally to gift yet kept it for myself. On my fourth bar!

      11. Lisa L. (verified owner)

        I rub the soap on my puff and it just smells amazing and the scent lingers on my skin.

      12. Phyllis W. (verified owner)

        Love the soap

      13. Phyllis Wink (verified owner)

        LOVE. THE SOAP

      14. Lynette S. (verified owner)

        This is my new favorite soap. It smells great. I don’t plan to use anything else.
        Lynette Swanson

      15. Kathleen D. (verified owner)

        This lavender soap is amaaaaaazing!!! The smell, the size, the natural ingredients! What’s not to love! My mom paid for the last batch and I ordered 4 but got a bonus one! Great soap, very moisturizing. Thank you for making this great product!

      16. Jena H. (verified owner)

        Delightfully fragrant.

      17. Patricia A C. (verified owner)

        Nice scent.

      18. Anita (verified owner)

        Very good

      19. Linda S. (verified owner)

        as of this review i have only opened the latte soon as i felt how creamy it felt i knew i was going to love it! it lathers up big time and smells wonderful.
        i know i will love the other bars as well.

      20. Jena H. (verified owner)

        Very nice soap.

      21. Jeanne P. (verified owner)

        I absolutely love all the Lavender products from this lavender farm and will keep ordering from them even my granddaughter notice how great smelling my soap was and she said she loved it.

      22. Bev Weist (verified owner)

        Amazing soap (and I LOVE soap!!!). Goat milk makes it so smooth…and the scent is wonderful. I have to get more!

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    • Hand Sanitizers

      Hand Sanitizers

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      Hand Sanitizers

      Hand Sanitizers


      Gentle on skin, tough on germs! We use the most effective pharmaceutical-grade ingredients for guaranteed cleanliness.

      Ethyl alcohol is the standard for sanitizing solutions, as recommended by experts in the medical field.

      Glycerin moisturizes your skin while lavender essential oil leaves your hands smelling great! A must-have!

      50 reviews for Hand Sanitizers

      1. Dina H. (verified owner)

        Absolutely LOVE the lavender spray hand sanitizer. It doesn’t dry my hands out like other brands and the smell is AMAZING !!!

      2. Cherie S (verified owner)

        Very happy with my purchase.
        Cherie S

      3. Barb K. (verified owner)

        I love the hand sanitizer, lavender is the extra bonus!

      4. Judy T. (verified owner)


      5. Barbara J. (verified owner)

        Excellent product. I have been using it frequently during the cover 19 thing.

      6. Jill L. (verified owner)

        Very timely delivery! Wonderful products!!

      7. Deborah W. (verified owner)

        Lovely scent and love the portable size! I can take this anywhere! Plus it doesn’t dry my hands out

      8. Cal P. (verified owner)

        Best sanitizer ever! Buy the maximum amount and then reorder!!!

      9. Cal P. (verified owner)

        Unlike every other hand sanitizer, Lavender Lane has changed the rules again. No longer do your hands need to smell like pure alcohol after applying. The soothing smell of lavender is a much more pleasant aroma to have lingering on your hands! A great product

      10. Margret B. (verified owner)

        A favorite

      11. Mark L. (verified owner)

        Love the scent and it works well.

      12. Lisa L. (verified owner)

        I love how light and fresh it smells I keep it in my car and use it as much as I can I love it

      13. Sandy E. (verified owner)

        Love it! Gentle to my hands and smells lovely!

      14. Jessica M. (verified owner)

        This is so lovely and refreshing! I use Thieves hand spray and this is just as good of a product AND gives me an extra happy smell in my life!! And other options!

      15. Carmella r. (verified owner)

        This product smells amazing and is also very moisturizing not like regular hand sanitizers that are overly drying and smell horrible. This fits conveniently in my purse love it!!

      16. Diana O. (verified owner)

        I love it. On top of sanitizing, it smells wonderful clean and doesn’t dry them out. Even my husband loves it

      17. Susan T. (verified owner)

        Great sanitizer! Smells wonderful!

      18. Jolene K. (verified owner)

        I ❤️ The spray hand sanitizer. The spray is so much easier to use than a squeeze bottle. It’s going to last a long time because I’m using just a couple of squirts. Also, I loved the surprise bag of lavender sachet; it’s in my underwear drawer.

      19. Gina T (verified owner)

        i got this for me, my boyfriend, my mom, and my sister. we all love this stuff! makes your hands feel super soft. smells natural, strong, and SO AMAZING. we use it all the time. it’s a great gift idea too, and very reasonably priced! shipped fast and the owners sent a nice little note and lavendar satchet with it which was such a sweet touch. will definitely be ordering more! thanks!

      20. Joan S. (verified owner)

        Lovely smell, it dries quickly too. I will definitely be purchasing again. Plan on going to the Lavender Lane store this weekend to get some plants and more goodies

      21. Susan W. (verified owner)

        I am so glad I found you. The sanitizer is perfect and works great.

      22. Sue I. (verified owner)

        The hand sanitizer smelled wonderful and I love the convenience of it being in spray form.

      23. Sue N. (verified owner)

        This Hand Sanitizer smells wonderful and is compact too.

      24. Connie B. (verified owner)

        Smells and feels great. So far I think it’s working.

      25. Angela L. (verified owner)

        I ordered two hand sanitizers online which were delivered quickly and of great quality. Will order again.

      26. Suzanne B. (verified owner)

        Love the lavender.

      27. Jennifer K. (verified owner)

        Love that it’s in a spray.

      28. Mindy A. (verified owner)

        I bought this as an afterthought while I was looking for a cbd oil. I can’t believe how moisturizing this hand sanitizer is! It makes my hands feel so soft! I am glad that I added this as an impulse buy!!

      29. Heather M. (verified owner)

        I love this sanitizer! It’s very light and doesn’t have an alcohol smell to it at all!

      30. Laura V. (verified owner)

        This is really nice hand sanitizer. It smells very nice and doesn’t feel sticky.

      31. Elizabeth H. (verified owner)

        Smells great! Isn’t drying

      32. Michael P. (verified owner)

        Great! Not drying or sticky. Portable and smells great! Highly recommend.

      33. Gaillyn P. (verified owner)

        What I loved most is that you allowed me to send a beautifully packaged birthday/cheer up gift to my dear sister in Florida (Gaillyn). She loved getting a surprise gift filled with lovely lavender products! She is using the hand sanitizers and lotions and loves them!
        Thanks from a grateful customer!

      34. Violet D. (verified owner)

        Such a nice fragrance. The size is perfect for in my purse or in our vehicle. Received our order pretty quick.

      35. Kathy C. (verified owner)

        Nice fragrance, Dries quickly, I like that it is purse size.

      36. Alisha R. (verified owner)

        Love love love. Smells amazing

      37. Jamie S. (verified owner)

        I love this hand sanitizer so much. The consistency is perfect, it’s not drying at all (as opposed to all other sanitizers) and the smell is amazing. Will be buying again!

      38. Kristal S. (verified owner)

        I love the hand sanitizer! I keep it in my purse and take it everywhere. And the lavender scent it amazing!

      39. Lisa H. (verified owner)

        Fast delivery!! The lavender hand sanitizer smells so wonderful…as if you’re sitting in a field surrounded by it!

      40. Alyse P. (verified owner)

        Smells great! Doesn’t dry out hands at all like some sanitizers. Love that it’s all natural and has so few ingredients.

      41. Denise A. (verified owner)

        Love the lavender hand sanitizer!

      42. mary Ellen L. (verified owner)

        I love the hand sanitizer, it smells great!

      43. Tina B. (verified owner)

        Smells great and does not dry out your hands!

      44. Susan T. (verified owner)

        The sanitizer smells so goods, for something we must use all the time now at least we can enjoy using this one.

      45. Kathleen D. (verified owner)

        I’m on my second bottle of this fabulous sanitizer spray. Smells and feels so much better than the bottled stuff you buy at the store. Love it!

      46. Gina T. (verified owner)

        i think i’ve left a review for this product before, but i ordered it again so I’m leaving another review… b/c i can’t express how amazing this hand sanitizer is!! It smells SOOOO GOOD. and it’s a nice strong smell but not overpowering. and doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky or tacky. the best stuff out there! I will keep buying this as long as they have it!

      47. Anita E. (verified owner)

        Excellent – leaves hands moisturized with just enough lavender aroma

      48. Alicia R. (verified owner)

        This is the absolute best hand sanitizer! It keeps your hands clean, soft, and free from those nasty chemicals found in the other hand sanitizers! Try it once & you will be pleasantly surprised!!

      49. Diane M. (verified owner)

        This does not leave my hands sticky like some hand sanitizers. Works great, smells better!

      50. Laura B. (verified owner)

        Absolutely love your lavender hand sanitizer! I have several bottles which I keep in my car and purse. I love the fact it doesn’t smell like other sanitizers and the lavender lingers on your hands. Definitely worth the prize!!

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