Extreme Bubble Bath

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This bubble bath adds ease to any bedtime routine. The proven stress-relieving and sleep-inducing powers of lavender and roman chamomile make this bubble bath as effective for your tired ‘n cranky child as it is fun!

Instead of using harsh bubble agents that can dry and irritate skin, our bubble and cleansing agents are gentle and naturally derived from non-gmo corn, soy and coconut.

We add more of these bubbly and cleansing ingredients than other leading brands, making this formula eXtreme! We even added colloidal oatmeal to soothe baby eczema and dermatitis! It’s a bubble bath that’s both healthy and fun!

Tear-free formulation. Vegan. No sulfates.

18 oz.

8 reviews for Extreme Bubble Bath

  1. Alex G.

    This stuff is amazing. It has a nice lavender smell and my kids enjoy taking a bath with the nice bubbles it makes.
    I am particularly impressed with the fact that this product contains no harmful ingredients so it gives me peace of mind knowing that my kids are using a safe product.

    • Lavender Lane Farm


      Thank you for the purchase! We strive to create as safe a product as possible!

  2. Calin P.

    Kids love this product! A little goes a long way and I have never had a foamier bubble bath

  3. Alejandro G.

    Have been using this product since it first came out. Great lavender smell and kids love to play with the bubbles while they bath!

  4. Wendy P.

    Love this and so do the kids,its so relaxing,and it’s even safe for the baby.

  5. Margaret B.

    This bubble bath is AWESOME!!! It is the BEST I have used. Also it is cruelty free, vegan, and non GMO. I purchased extra to share with family and friends and everyone loves it. Thank you Lavender Lane for making such high quality products!!

  6. Carol B.

    I love the bubble baths for my kids after work. They smell great and love the bubbles!

  7. Chelsea G.

    Relaxing and smells great, overall a good product!

  8. Cindy A.

    Never had seen this many bubbles in a bath before, love the product; the kids had a blast

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