Lavender Dryer Bags

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Looking for an alternative to unnatural chemicals used to scent your clothing? These lavender dryer bags are good for 10-12 loads each!

When aroma is spent, sprinkle onto carpets and vacuum lavender buds up to deodorize the carpet and the vacuum. Better yet, add a few drops of our lavender essential oil to each bag and keep reusing them as dryer bags!

Lavender Dryer Bags ship in sealed and transparent container, locking in aroma and freshness.

17 reviews for Lavender Dryer Bags

  1. Pam (verified owner)

    These are the best. They make your laundry smell so wonderful. I have used them a long time and shared with all of my friends. They love them as well. Lavender Lane is great and have many great lavender products. Highly recommend.

  2. Angel F. (verified owner)

    Used these instead of dryer sheets and clothes felt soft with a touch of lavender.

  3. Danielle Grosso (verified owner)

    I just tried these dryer bags two days ago and I can’t stop talking about how amazing they are! Not only do my towels smell fresh, but my entire outdoor patio smelled like lavender when I used them! I’m very particular about the chemicals that I use in cleaning and laundering products (and traditional dryer sheets are one of the worst in terms of synthetics and chemicals,) so I couldn’t be happier to find this alternative (that seems to work better.)

  4. Ester V. (verified owner)

    Great lavender scent. Leaves clothes fluffy, too.

  5. Bonnie C. (verified owner)

    Such a pleasant scent! Love them.

  6. Susan E. (verified owner)

    Used this when drying my sheets and comforter. Dreamy!!

  7. Margret B (verified owner)

    Love these bags. Laundry smells wonderful

  8. mark l. (verified owner)

    Can’t wait yo use these. Love the smells

  9. Gina T.

    these are nice in the dryer and make my clothes smell good. love that you can deodorize your carpet and vacuum when they are spent… two birds with one stone! very reasonable price too.

  10. Holly M.

    I absolutely love these! Leaves the perfect amount of scent.

  11. Julieanne V.

    Love these makes my clothes smell wonderful and the dryer too.

  12. Kris V.

    I love how the dryer bags freshen my laundry without having to use fabric softener or dryer sheets! Everything smells wonderful, and no extra chemicals required!

  13. Betsy G.

    This is a great addition to dryer balls and really helps keep vacuum fresh when used on carpet.

  14. Wagenhauserser S.

    The dryer bags are great! My sheets smell wonderful!

  15. Susan T.

    I just started using their dryer bags in my laundry,oh that smell in my laundry room and clothes is so nice.

  16. Heather W.

    The sheets smells so lovely, loved doing this with my laundry.

  17. Christina U.

    Can never go wrong with lavender, the smell has a really nice punch to it.

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