Organic Remedy Oil

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Organic oils and extracts work together to help eliminate old and new signs of scarring, acne and stretch marks.

Stretch Marks:

Use as a preventative treatment 2x a day during periods of weight loss or pregnancy to greatly diminish or even eliminate the appearance of stretch marks*. May also be used 1-2X daily after the appearance of stretch marks.


Frankincense oil eliminates bacteria that causes acne, while Tamanu and rosehip oil greatly reduce or eliminate the appearance of scarring altogether*. May be used as a spot treatment after a breakout. For more aggressive acne, use lightly on the entire face as a night oil or prior to applying face cream.



Tamanu Oil*………………. Greatly reduces visible signs of scarring and stretch marks

Rosehip Oil* ……………… Reduces visible signs of skin damage

Pumpkin Seed Oil* …… Brightens skin and encourages a glowing complexion

Apricot Kernel Oil* …….. Prevents acne breakouts

Vitamin E Oil* …………….. Repairs damaged skin and reduces signs of scarring

Botanical Extracts*……… Soothes skin irritation, promotes healing.

Frankinsense Oil ……….. Aids in skin cell regeneration, kills acne-causing bacteria.

*certified organic

Each bottle contains 1 oz. (30 mL) of Remedy Oil.

6 reviews for Organic Remedy Oil

  1. Sandra (verified owner)

    I hope this product works well for acne and scarring. The only negative is it smells terrible. I can barely use this product without gagging at the odor.

  2. Molly A.

    Have noticed positive affect from using this, would recommend!

  3. Gabriella P.

    Great product, bought as gifts for my sisters

  4. Rose F.

    Will be buying again, loved it.

  5. Chris A.

    Such a great gift, my girlfriend loved it!

  6. Lisa Ann


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