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    Hemp Lover's Gift Set

    CBD Lover’s Gift Set


    Our Lavender-Hemp collection as a set is 10% OFF and includes FREE SHIPPING and a FREE lavender-mint lip balm.


    Lavender-Hemp Cream relieves & soothes:



    Muscle spasms*

    Eczema and dermatitis*


    CBD Oil Tincture relieves & soothes:

    Whole-body pain*





    Lavender-Hemp Roll-On relieves and soothes:





    Eczema and dermatitis*


    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    26 reviews for CBD Lover’s Gift Set

    1. Ashley S.

      Absolutely LOVE the oils, the cream, and the liquid drops. The chapsticks a little to strong for me on my face, but no worries I still use it on my chapped hand and it’s amazing. Never knew I was missing out so much on pain relief until I was suggested to try your cream. I have been migraine and pain free for a week now!!! Thank you so much for all your time, effort, and love in every package!!!

    2. Jena H.

      This set is a perfect foray in to CBD products. My husband used the creme on his injured calf and was pleased that it helped with the discomfort and I’ve used it for neck muscle soreness. And the smell is so nice! The lip balm is great… I feel like it does a nice job protecting my lips. I’m very pleased with the quality of these products and will be definitely continuing to shop with Lavender Lane.

    3. Brittany S.

      I recently became aware of Lavender Lane and couldn’t wait to try their products. I thought the sale price was a great opportunity to give these products a try & I was pleased with my purchase! My favorite is the CBD creme! It’s light and fragrant without being overpowering like some cremes can be. I also am a huge fan of the lip balm! Great products, fantastic experience, super quick shipping. Can’t wait to purchase again.

    4. Emily F.

      I have chronic headaches, the roll on oil is a fast and easy relief. I have not had to take as much headache medication.

    5. Jessica H.

      Absolutely LOVE this set! Would most definitely purchase again! 💜

    6. Mary F.

      The BEST CBD ever!!! I love the oil and use it for my chronic pain and migraines and it’s the only thing I’ve found that really helps. The cream is divine…so soft and smells so nice and really works well for my fibromyalgia and arthritis pain. The roller is great because it’s portable….so happy I found this set and when it came in the mail there was a beautiful fresh lavender sachets in it-a nice surprise and it made the package smell so good!!!

    7. Kathy B.

      I have been struggling with hip pain especially at night when I sleep. I purchased the roll on and have been very happy with the results of relieving the pain. When I saw that the CBD Lover’s gift set was discounted I purchased it so I could try all the products. So far I am very happy.

    8. Michael C.

      Heard about this gift set from my wife and instantly knew it was the perfect mother’s day gift. We love all the products so far from LL. Great sale price. Got text alerts when it was ready and when it was shipped, both were extremely quick!!!!

    9. Amanda B.

      Absolutely love this. I rub the cream on my feet every night and it has helped so much with the pain and swelling

    10. Michelle R.

      I bought this for my mom and she loves it! The roller helped her and my sisters headaches almost instantly! She uses the creme on her neck and it works like magic! If you’re hesitating – don’t! – order today!

    11. Karen M.

      I am diabetic, my feet swell and hurt, I use the lotion on them at night and get a great night’s sleep. When i run out of the lotion, I use the roll on on them, and then the tincture. Love this stuff.

    12. Pamela H.

      This gift set is wonderful. I love the cream and the roll-on oil is small enough to carry in my purse – wonderful to have and apply when at work or traveling to relieve a headache or sore muscle. The free gift of lip balm is the best especially with wearing a mask so much.

      Love all your products.

    13. JACKIE O

      Haven’t used the oil yet. However the cream is fantastic. I would definitely order again.

    14. Patty V.

      I’ve had 2 of the 3 items before, New was the CBD Lavender Oil. I enjoyed my FREE Gifts sent & shared your Postcard & one of the gifts with to my friend. She was so excited. I hope you have a new customer 🙂

      Also I appreciated the owner extending his sale to me, I missed it by 1 day. That speaks volumes 🙂

    15. Edward J.

      The gift set a great value. I divided it up with family members. High grade product.

    16. Alicia R.

      I keep this on hand always!! It’s a must-have if you suffer from arthritis, restless leg syndrome, or anxiety. I use it daily & find this gift set the perfect price!

    17. Pamela H.

      I absolutely love this set and as an added bonus they arrived perfectly gift wrapped and with a free lavender mint lip balm. Everyone was thrilled with their gift and didn’t want to open them they looked so pretty, but they did to get to the goodies inside.

    18. Karen M.

      This is the best oil money can buy. Not only that, but the Lavender makes it smell luscious. I buy these as gifts for birthdays and other days. (Father’s Day, Mother’s day, Christmas). We are so lucky to have these people in our community. My daughter has a torn tendon. The oil helps with the pain. I have neuropathy, the lotion helps with the swelling. Many uses for this stuff.

    19. Karen M.

      I bought these as gifts for my grown children. They were blown away by the quality and variety of products. I love this stuff.

    20. Roxanne C.

      Great deal , I mix the higher concentration oil with the lotion and it works great!

    21. Lanae H.

      The shopping experience was such a breeze. Beautiful website. I found what I was looking for instantly.
      The order came very quickly and I was pleasantly surprised with the extra item in the order.
      I have never used cbd oil and am now hooked. It has made such a difference with my RA. The results were noticed very quickly.

    22. Roxanne C.

      Have this for myself so now this is a gift for someone I love so very much!

    23. Rhonda F.

      This set is my my fav!! The lavender oils and lotions with CBD in them is awesome. Relieves pain so quickly and smells great. These products are a must buy💜

    24. Joanne L.

      Great product! Definitely helps with lower back pain and sciatica. Shipping was surprisingly fast and packaging right on target. Thank you! You have a permanent.customer!

    25. Ellen N.

      Wonderful products.
      Prompt delivery!

    26. Karen M.

      This stuff is so good.

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  • Lavender Lover's Gift Set

    Lavender Lover’s Gift Set

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    Lavender Lover's Gift Set

    Lavender Lover’s Gift Set


    Includes gift wrapping as pictured and a “Happy Holidays” Greeting card. Ships inside a larger box, ensuring arrival in pristine condition.

    Gift Set includes:


    (1) Lavender Hand + Body Crème

    (1) Lavender Hand Sanitizer

    (1) Lavender Hand Soap

    (1) Lavender CBD Roll On

    (1) Lavender Essential Oil

    (1) Lavender Lip Balm

    7 reviews for Lavender Lover’s Gift Set

    1. Susan P.

      I love this kit. I could really smell the Lavender. Which is what I wanted. I love the smell of lavender. The hand soap. Is the best smelling. When you put the body creme on. You can smell the Lavender! There are products out there. Where you cannot smell the lavender. You wonder why they bother to put lavender on the label. If you want to Smell Lavender…you have GOT to buy this kit. You won’t be disappointed.

    2. Teresa H.

      I really love each of the products in the kit! The lavender scent is heavenly. The cbd oil really works and smells great!

    3. Marsha B.

      The hand soap is great! Also,the hand sanitizer has just the right amount of fragrance so it is not over powering.

    4. Sue N.

      This was a great variety and value!

    5. Donna B.

      Great collection. Has things to get you started with loving lavender sents. Fast delivery too. Tanx

    6. Troy & Connie F.

      I gifted this gift set to my family in Florida, they have yet to open it but I know they will love it because I love every product in the set! The owners are also remarkable to work with and offer such a personal touch!

    7. Diane F.

      A birthday present, well received! Especially the Lavender-mint lip balm. I can’t say enough good things about your farm. And your stellar customer service!

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