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Vapor Chest Rub

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This vegan rub was specially formulated for the little one’s in our lives. Designed to relieve congestion, irritability and sleeplessness using only plant oils, waxes and essential oils.


Directions: Apply to chest, back, neck or soles of feet to relieve congestion, reduce irritability and promote sound sleep.

Ingredients: organic sunflower seed oil, shea butter, sunflower wax, essential oils of organic black spruce, chamomile, lavender and eucalyptus.

**trials indicate this is especially effective at getting trapped mucus flowing.

15 reviews for Vapor Chest Rub

  1. Susan T.

    Chest rub is awesome will order again. Smells great and rubs in, much gentler on the skin than vicks and natural.

  2. Sharon P.

    This Vapor Chest is great.It is good to use each night to relieve cingestion.I also use it during the day to help me breathe.

  3. Susan T.

    I love this chest rub, I use it all winter long. I rub it on my chest and bottoms of my feet every night before I go to sleep. Not only do I sleep better but I breath easier as well. It states it’s for kids but I’m a senior and use it.

  4. Karen B.

    This is the best product it’s soothing and helps me fall asleep.

  5. SUSAN T.

    I love this natural chest rub, I can’t say enough nice things about it. It’s the perfect rub in my book, it’s not to strong in scent and it rubs in and not to oily. I rub it on my chest and bottoms of my feet if I’m feeling congested and it opens me up and helps me sleep. Love it!

  6. SUSAN T.

    I have already left reviews for this product but can’t say enough nice things about it. Love it!!!

  7. Jeffery E.

    My kids got sick on the Island, this cleared their sinus. Even used it myself!

  8. Andrea Pawlowski (verified owner)

    I use vapor rub every night to keep my sinuses open, and this one is better than the brand name vapor rub

  9. Tabby A.

    Started using this on my children couple months ago, really good product, worth it!

  10. Mia G.

    Opens up my sinuses, my left nostril gets clogged and this has opened my nose and helps me sleep better.

  11. Sasha A.

    Opens up my sinuses before I go to sleep! Used it on my kids when they had a runny nose.

  12. Megan L.

    Cleared up my sinuses almost immediately, love the results.

  13. Tessa C.

    I have been sleeping so much better! My nose gets runny a lot and always find myself blowing my nose before bed. This is a game changer, I can actually breathe and not have to sniffle my nose all night

  14. Lalisa S.

    Really cleaned my sinuses!

  15. Estera A.

    Loved the prodcuts! Will be shopping for more products on the farm!

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