Lavender Sachets (2-pack)

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These lavender sachets make a perfect gift or addition to any drawer, car, luggage, gym bag, or golf bag!

The aroma lasts for many months! Simply squeeze periodically to release more scent.

Ships in enclosed container to maintain freshness and aroma.

Reviews (12)

12 reviews for Lavender Sachets (2-pack)

  1. Diane L.

    Truly the most fragrant sachets that I have ever purchased. Love them!!

  2. Netta P.

    Gradually. Great for linen and lingerie drawers.

  3. CLAUDE P.

    A superb quality ! Its perfume floats in my pantry; just rub the bag every once in a while to release its perfume.
    And it lasts more than a year too !
    I just love any lavender product coming from Lavender Lane, for its quality!

  4. Barbara J.

    Smells wonderful and very calming.

  5. Mark L.

    Use these to keep the pooches out of the furniture. They don’t like the smell, but it makes the room smell great

  6. Lisa L.

    You can never have enough of these. I put one in my car over my vents and in my drawers and closet.

  7. valerie g.

    Sachets remind me of my grandmother. I love the smell so much, I have all four of them on my desk while I’m working at home… the smell brings me joy.

  8. Mary G.

    My drawers smell fantastic!! Love the real lavender smell, no imitation here!

  9. Susan H.

    just what I was looking for. Beautiful!

  10. Abby S.

    Smells awesome! Absolutely love it!

  11. Arlene

    So fragrant. Scent lasts for a very long time.

  12. Mark L.

    Our Maltipoo loves the smell but Kees her distance, it puts her to sleep. Make everything just smell so darn fresh. Great products.

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